Hebei Travel Guide: Ye Sanpo Tour

A friend highly recommended to us the Wuling Mountain, which is said to be called Northern Huangshan. My friends still worked hard to explain the travel route of their party to us in detail.

As for how the line will change from Wuling Mountain in Miyun to Yesanpo in Hebei, the reason is too complicated. I wo n’t go into details here, so as not to go too far.

Considering that the two are free, there are inconveniences. For example, if I want to take a picture of a couple, I have to ask passers-by, or even look at other people s faces, which is a bit inconvenient .. .

At the Fengfeng Station, a young man who sat opposite us left. Come up a couple, sit opposite us, so we start chatting …

A couple came up from Peking University. The girl is a master of computer science at Peking University and the boy is a doctor of computer science at Peking University. Hehe, they are all masters! Worship …

We have prepared a lot of introductions to Ye Sanpo (in fact, it is still quite inadequate, so I still have to go there once, or have explained it to you in detail to master the first-hand information).

At first our route was not the same: we planned to go to Baili Gorge on the first day, stay at Ye Sanpo on the night, and play Ye Sanpo on the second day; they planned to go to Bai Li Gorge on the first day , and stay on Ye Sanpo on the first day. Next day head to Baicaopan.

I think everyone has heard about the farmhouse. This man is a farmer and looks quite honest and honest. He introduced us to some attractions near Ye Sanpo in detail. His attitude was very friendly, but unlike some people who seemed too enthusiastic and offensive in order to attract customers.

After the introduction of this man, we understand that Ye Sanpo is the name of a town, not the name of an attraction. There are many attractions around Ye Sanpo, such as Bailixia, Jumahe, National Park, Yugudong, Longmenxia, , and so on. Among them, the Baili Gorge is the most famous. Longmen Gorge, Baicaopan and other attractions are still quite far away from Yesanpo Town …

This is, we found that our respective routes need to be adjusted. Baili Gorge s half-day time is not very full, so after the afternoon of the day, the Baili Gorge and then return to Yesanpo are too tense; Baicaopan is quite far from Yesanpo. Too nervous.

Eventually, our line will be unified. On the first day, visit Baili Gorge in the afternoon and stay at Baili Gorge in the evening; the next morning, swim in the Mahe River and Ye Sanpo; return by train at 4:20 in the afternoon. After the route was unified, we started to ask the man for more detailed information about Bailixia.

Men The farmyard introduced by the man is really close to the station, about three or four minutes walk. But this is also not good, the train can be heard at night.

Regrettably, due to various reasons (mainly the limited number of rooms and the high price of the rooms), we did not end up living in the man s house.

Finally, we lived in this man s neighbor s house, and Cat and Broken Bridge lived in another nearby farmhouse. The conditions are quite good, with air conditioning, and karaoke can be sung in the outer living room, only forty yuan a night. I personally think that this price is quite cost-effective. Of course, this is the price after the cat bargains.

Alas, the dishes there are particularly expensive, especially the local specialties. I ordered a plate of local wild vegetables at noon. I forgot my name. I feel like I have eaten it in Beijing. It costs 20 yuan each! A wild vegetable soup is also 20 yuan, which is the price of a small farmhouse.

There are three tortuous canyons in Xingzigou, Begonia, and Shixuanxia in the scenic area, which are 105 mile long. Among them, the scorpion ditch is 25 li, the begonia is 35 li, and the Shixuan Gorge is 45 li, with the most abundant begonia sights.

Four The four of us first took a donkey cart, which pulled us directly from the residence to the park gate. This distance takes about 15-20 minutes to walk, and it is worth to experience once in a donkey cart for 10 yuan.

Begonia attractions include Niu Jiaofeng, Laohuzui, Shuangxintan, Yixiantian, Golden Thread Hanging Needle, and Guanyin. There are springs along the way, shades of trees on both sides of the canyon, and several waterfalls, which can be described as pleasant scenery.

The ladder is divided into an upper ladder and a lower ladder, with a total of 2,800 steps, paved with 2,800 planks, which records China s 2800-year history. From 792 BC to 2008 AD, every wooden board recorded major historical events that year.

He crossed the ladder and entered Shixuanxia. The main attractions of Shixuanxia include Optimus Prime, Strange Peaks, No Seeing Sky, and Shuilian Cave. Relatively speaking, the attractions of Shixuanxia are not as good as Begonia.

It is recommended to walk on the way and ride on the return trip: going uphill on the journey is very laborious, and you can enjoy the scenery slowly on the way;

We finally chose a small restaurant called Xian Zong Lin. The facilities inside it are very similar to Xian Zong Lin. It is estimated that the owner of the shop is the imitation Xian Zong Lin. The four of us chose a table near the river with a swing.

I say the truth, the dishes there are really different, and the exaggeration is unbearable. A bowl of mustard pork soup, which should be very light, was made into a hot and sour soup, wow …

At night, many tourists set off fireworks by the Juma River. That night, we watched a free firework show. Want to come, we still make money, haha:

After leaving the station, another enthusiastic woman came to persuade us to play Qingquan Mountain. Qingquan Mountain is very close to Ye Sanpo, saying that it is a new development area, so we have never heard of it before.

Because we had arrangements in the morning, the woman s lobbying attempt was unsuccessful. But thanks also to this woman, from whom we learned about a new attraction. Originally, we had no specific arrangements in the afternoon. After her introduction, our itinerary for this day became clear-bamboo rafting in the morning, horse riding, Qingquan Mountain in the afternoon, and then return to Beijing.

Takino Sanpo Scenic Spot is best known for its ethnic garden, which has a folk song and dance performance. Tickets are 30 yuan, half price for student tickets. However, we did not have much interest in folk songs and dances, so we passed the folk garden.

According to the Mahe River, Bailixia and Yesanpo are connected. The water area near Ye Sanpo is better than the water area near Bailixia, but it was later found that the water area near Qingquan Mountain is better.

Before we rafted the bamboo raft, there were several horse owners who tried to encourage us to ride. Their asking price is very high, mainly because of May Day, 60 yuan / half an hour. In fact, without their encouragement, we will also ride horses, but considering the price is too expensive, we will leave those people aside for a while to discuss the price of bamboo rafts.

The initial asking price for bamboo rafts is 50 yuan / hour. We have seen some netizens on the Internet saying that it is only 10 yuan / hour to paddle a bamboo raft, which is really a killer!

After the four of us bargained, it was actually the cat who played alone. The three of us helped and finally cut the price to 20 yuan / hour. They all say that being human is more kind, so when we cut to 20 yuan, we will not cut down anymore. After all, they also point to one more fishing golden week, hehe 🙂

The Luohe River is shallow and the river is very cold. The feeling of rafting is OK. I paddled a bamboo raft when I was in the south, so I didn t feel particularly excited. After all, in terms of water resources, the North is no better than the South. In the north, it is hard to find a place to paddle bamboo.

One hour is enough to paddle a bamboo raft. After landing, the owners of the horses are still waiting for us. Four people and four horses are a big deal. However, there is only one horse per house, so there is not much advantage in terms of crowds.

60 yuan / half an hour is obviously too outrageous, the cat once again used her bargaining skills. After a long time of competition, we finally rode on horseback at the price of 40 yuan / hour. To be honest, the price of 40 yuan / hour is indeed very favorable, and we are one-way, and the price of round-trip can be more favorable.

Riding a horse to Qingquan Mountain takes about 40-50 minutes. In fact, the distance is very close, it is estimated that it only takes less than 10 minutes by car. The horse walked slowly because the road was very difficult to walk and we could not ride horses, so we had to go forward step by step with the horse.

Riding there is totally different from riding a horse at the racetrack. Horse riding on the racetrack is good, fast, and exciting, but the price is very expensive. It is calculated according to the number of laps, usually one or two laps. Riding there, the road conditions are poor, the speed is slow, the price is cheap, it is priced by the hour, and you can enjoy the scenery slowly along the way.

After entering Qingquan Mountain, we started the buffet lunch. The lunch was quite generous and we all carried a lot of snacks. After lunch buffet, we started to climb Qingquan Mountain. The main peak of Qingquan Mountain is quite high. Due to physical and time constraints, we only climbed to about a quarter of the position and started to return.

The water area near Qingquan Mountain is quite good, as mentioned earlier, it is better than the water area near Ye Sanpo. Therefore, personally recommend to go bamboo rafting near Qingquan Mountain. Qingquan Mountain is a newly developed attraction, which is not very worth visiting by itself. Many facilities in the park, such as sanitation facilities, are quite incomplete.

1. The Wild Sanpo we often say is a town, not a specific scenic spot. There are many scenic spots around it, of which the Baili Gorge is the most famous.

2, Baili Gorge is a national AAAA-level scenic spot. The canyon is quiet, the environment is beautiful, and the sanitation facilities are quite perfect. To exaggerate, there is almost no rubbish in the scenic area!

3. Qingquan Mountain is a newly developed scenic spot. The sanitation facilities are rather imperfect, the environment in the scenic spot is poor, there are almost no trash cans, and there is only a dilapidated toilet at the entrance of the park.

4. The quality of the food in the local small restaurant is very average. If it is not troublesome, prepare some dry food by yourself and have a picnic with a few people. It is a good choice.

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