Hangzhou Songcheng Tour Introduction

Hangzhou Songcheng Tourist Scenic Spot is located in the southwest of West Lake Scenic Area, north of Wuyun Mountain and south of Qiantang River. It is the largest Song cultural theme park in China and was invested and constructed by Hangzhou Songcheng Group Co., Ltd.

Song The slogan of Give me a day and pay you back for thousands of years is the largest Song culture theme park in China, the top ten scenic spots in Zhejiang and the top ten new landscapes in Hangzhou.

It is located in the southwest of the West Lake Scenic Area, next to Wuyun Mountain and near Qiantang River. Song City is mainly divided into the reproduction area of ​​the Qingming River Scene, Kowloon Square District, Songcheng Square District, Xianshan Qiongge District , the Southern Song Dynasty Palace District, and the Southern Song Style Court District. The combination of realism, romanticism, and functionalism originates from history and is higher than history. It is a remembrance and expression of ancient Chinese culture, and it is a historical city ​​that is full of education.

The Song Dynasty City s art square can be described as one of today s ancient wonders. It is the largest art performance square in Zhejiang Province. The combination of the ancient city style and modern art makes Song City more attractive and integrates north and south flavors. The opening of Songcheng Snack Street has provided tourists with a best place to taste Song-style snacks.

Yongsong City Hotel is a Songdu Group-owned company. It opened business at the end of 1997. It is 800 meters away from Hangzhou Railway City Station, 1.2 kilometers away from Wushan Square, and 2 kilometers away from West Lake.

Nowadays, Hangzhou cuisine is popular in Jiangnan for its high quality and low price. Hangzhou cuisine belongs to the Zhejiang cuisine of the eight major Chinese cuisines. Refreshing chic is the biggest feature of Hangzhou cuisine. The Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo once praised the feast of the world is not as good as Hangcheng, and there is an allusion to smell the horse.

Hangzhou s famous dishes are endless. The most famous ones are begged chicken, Dongpo meat, Song bait bacon, West lake vinegar fish, Longjing shrimp, West lake bacon soup, oil spring bamboo shoots and so on. Dongpo s meat is not fat, and the Jiaohua chicken is tender and refreshing. The West Lake vinegar and fish are delicious and delicious.

The famous restaurants in Hangzhou include the old-fashioned Louwailou, Tianwaitian, Shanwaishan, etc. When you first arrive in Hangzhou, you may go for the louwailou, but in addition to occupying the best place in West Lake, It is really not a wise choice. You often wait for more than an hour for waiting for a Beggar Chicken. The price of 88 yuan for a Huaji chicken, 89 yuan for a Longjing shrimp, and 58 yuan for a Xihu vinegar fish seems a bit astounding. It is recommended that you go to the Cenozoic red mud (No. 149 South Yan an Road), Xinhua Middle City (No. 107 Hushu South Road), Zhang Shengji of Nanxiaobu and the golden sunshine of South Yan an Road. The environment, price, and service seem to be better than those of the old name , but it is best to make an appointment in advance.

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