Hangzhou Paradise Tour Introduction China Travel

The antique buildings on both sides of the paradise of the park have been basically completed, and they appear colorful and magnificent. Six tennis courts have been paved. The water golf driving range is ready for visitors to swing. What is most conspicuous is that an antique giant sailing ship has been launched, and the whole ship has been arranged as a place for water entertainment. The appearance is colorful, the flags on the ship are advertised, and the weather is quite beautiful. It really depends on the weather of some offshore beaches. In addition, a variety of recreational facilities have also been added, not only on land, but also many exciting activities in the water. The most exciting thing is the air, airplanes, and balloons, which greatly increases the opportunities for tourists to participate. Here we will introduce the new amusement items in the park, so that visitors can choose in advance.

Hangzhou Amusement Park has a huge sailing ship that imitates the 17th century Prince William ship, imitating various entertainment items on medieval European luxury cruise ships, and provides a perfect place for tourists who like to find romance. On the top of the Prince, there are tens of meters of sails hanging in the wind, which are good-looking. On the top deck, there are astronomical telescopes and tourist telescopes. There is also an outdoor beer bar. Here you can enjoy beer viewing.. The third floor film and television hall is divided into two categories: movie hall and video room. The second floor is the multi-purpose hall of the Pirate World. The interior of the warehouse takes the pirate culture as the soul, creating a characteristic play space full of mystery and legend. Both male and female service staff are in pirate costumes and chivalrous customer service. The bar owner and the bartender are some special actors. There are some folk performances in the middle of the pir ate culture. Visitors can rent pistols and pirate clothes here and dress up as pirates to participate in a series of carnival activities on board.

Fairy In the fairy tale castle in the central square, there are various entertainment items that children love. Slides, foam pools, trampolines, naughty castles, bumper cars, archery ranges, dumplings, etc. have established a children s entertainment world here.

Observatory Telescope: The maximum magnification is 300 times. You can clearly see a newspaper placed on the Qianjiang Third Bridge with a telescope in Hangzhou Paradise. This observatory is the first in Hangzhou with unique features.

Large hot air balloon: 25 meters in diameter, can carry 4 people at a time, hovering over Hangzhou Paradise, let you overlook the beautiful scenery of the park, you can drive the balloon by yourself and experience the charm of flying.

Water tricycle, water bike: It can be done on the lake or in the river. Tourists board the tricycle, and the panic and panic add a little fun.

Hydroplane show: Hire a famous domestic seaplane show athlete to rotate and flip up and down in the air. Visitors sitting on the plane will make people feel exciting.

Tickets: 50 yuan, half price 25 yuan (children below 1.1 meters can enter the park for free; children 1.1-1.4 meters can enjoy half price discount)

There are special resort hotels in Hangzhou Paradise, which are more expensive; but there are many farm stays in the nearby mountains, which are cheap and full of fun, and it is worth recommending.

Return: Hangzhou Paradise → Xiaoshan → Qijiazha Village → Management Tong → City Third Hospital North → Fengle Bridge South → Fengle Bridge North → Yan an Road. (B) ¥ 4 (Extended: 7: 45 ~ 16: 30; Hang: 8 : 30 ~ 17: 30).

315 Yan an Road Guanxiangkou Shuiyang Bridge Zhangjiaqiao General Administration Pond South Bank of the Third Bridge Xingmin Village Gonglian Village Shijia Bridge Xixing Fork Crossing Xixing Duhu Village Wuqi Road Crossing West Station Xiaoshan Hangzhou Paradise

The most famous ones include begged chicken, Dongpo meat, Song Yuyu wonton, Xihu vinegar fish, Longjing shrimp, Xihu amaranth soup, oil spring bamboo shoots and so on. Dongpo s meat is not fat, and the Jiaohua chicken is tender and refreshing The West Lake vinegar and fish are delicious and delicious.

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