Haiyan Sailing Club

Haiyan Sailing Club is located in the beautiful environment of Dapeng Jinshui Bay, Shenzhen, adjacent to the famous Dapeng Ancient City and Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station. Here the wind is good, the waves are small, the water is surrounded by sand on three sides , and the water is fine. The shallow sea, about 1.5 meters, is the best beach for tourism and sailing.

Sailing is a marine sport that integrates entertainment, ornamental, and leisure. Modern sailing has become one of the most popular and popular sports activities in coastal countries and regions around the world, and it is also an important channel for people of all countries to conduct maritime cultural exchanges.

Haiyan Sailing is making every effort to popularize and promote sailing in China, so that the public can contact, understand, and like this fashionable sport that is sweeping the world. The club is equipped with more than 10 high-performance sailing boats. It is the only one in Shenzhen and even the whole country that allows you to drive yourself. Sailing club, here, you can personally drive a sailing boat, enjoy the sailing and blue ocean, and the romance and passion of the waves! Only when you personally sail a sailing boat in the blue sea and ride the waves, can you experience the passion and romance of sailing and blue oceans! Let everything work Annoying, the stress of life goes with the wind …

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