Haikou Tropical Ocean World [Hainan Haikou]

Entering the gate of the Ocean World Park, the magnificent and joyful ocean greets you. Its surface area is 2,000 square meters, and there are various marine life sculptures and colorful fountains in the surroundings. The most exciting is another water area of ​​the Happy Ocean, where 30,000 tropical ornamental fishes, colored koi, are stocked. At first glance, fish of all colors are faintly seen swimming in the water. When he got down to the steps near the water, Xiaoyuer gathered from all directions like seeing an old friend, and gathered around with joy and joy, as if jumping into a cheerful Waltz. There are two more here Creative entertainment projects: First, the laser water screen movie. It is a finely edited local folk story in Hainan . It is packed with professional dancers and vigorous background music, supplemented by modern high-tech methods to package the entire story, and presents a water screen picture to the majority of tourists. Electricity in one makes people ma rvel at the magical charm of modern technology creators.

Another   Another project is Pirate Ship and Treasure Island. The shape of the pirate ship is made in the shape of a 19th century European sailing ship. There are several ancient cannons on the ship and on the treasure island, using modern technology to display a scene of ancient war. Coupled with the actor and tourist s participation in collaborative combat , visitors can experience the fun of fighting with pirates.

  northbound along the ocean of joy to the children s playground. The park is designed based on the legendary arrangement of the mangroves in Wenchang, Hainan, and various amusement items run through the entire story. Entertainment projects have different characteristics, but they all revolve around a theme of education and fun, opening up the mind. The children s playground includes bungee jumping, old tree slides, space-time tunnels, sand gardens, seesaws, Snow White restaurant, children s theater, sea theater, fantasy trees, hand rail cars and Billy shooting range.

In There is a high-altitude trapeze project inside the happy ocean. This project is thrilling and challenging. It can allow two people to participate in each time, use power to lift people to high altitude, and then use the body s own weight to make a single pendulum exercise. This project has been listed as a compulsory course for the psychological quality training of adolescents in Hangzhou.

西 On the west side of the Happy Ocean is a 350-meter-long rafting river. On this river are singular items such as primitive tree falls, psychedelic caves of time and space, large waterfalls, Baimu vortexes, and rushing through dangerous beaches. The design of the whole drifting waterway is novel, the effect is exciting, and it is complemented by the landscaping and sound, light, and electric effects, which make the whole playing process full of thrilling and fun.

There is also a tropical rain forest area in the park. There are four small parks in the area: tropical rare tree species gardens, collecting dozens of tropical precious tree species in Hainan for visitors to watch; tropical melon orchard, which is a collection of viewing and tasting tropical fruits In the area, a tropical fruit self-help area that can accommodate up to 100 people is set up in the garden; the tropical flower garden is a leisure scenic area showing tropical flowers for visitors to watch and explore; tropical rainforest wonders are artificial rainforest landscapes for tourists Walk and rest.

Of course, Of course, the most dazzling main building in the park is also called the Millennium Tower. In commemoration of the arrival of the new millennium, investors invested more than 30 million yuan to build this pure steel structure, silver fish-like sightseeing tower. The tower is 131.101 meters high. There are two sightseeing elevators, which reach the 76.8-meter-high sightseeing platform and are accompanied by a sky garden. The tower has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. At night illuminated by landscape lights, the Millennium Tower is even more eye-catching and dazzling. She has become a landmark in Hainan Province. If visitors are on the viewing platform, in sunny weather, they can see the sea and sky scenery dozens of miles away.

Attractions   In addition, the marine style village, ocean park, shell art museum, whale museum and other park attractions, show their unique style. It is worth mentioning that the investment company invested huge sums to make marine life specimens of giant whale skeletons that died in the waters of Wenchang last year. The specimens are displayed in the whale museum for visitors to watch and can also be used as science education for teenagers.

  There is another six-dimensional motion cinema in the park, which truly extends the sensory stimuli that can be felt by all organs of the human body. If the elephant s long nose inhales suddenly in the water, and then sprays water on the screen, the audience can truly feel that the whole body has been showered with water. It s really wonderful, it makes you feel like you ve never seen it before.

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