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The ancient Yazhou City, now known as the Yaya Town in Sanya City, is located more than 40 kilometers west of Sanya City. Yazhou has been established since the North and South Dynasties, and the prefectures, counties and counties since the Song Dynasty have been located here. Today s Yacheng, with its long history and many places of interest, has become a tourist attraction in Hainan.

According to historical records, the ancient Yazhou city was Tucheng before the Song Dynasty, and brick walls were built in the four years of the Qing Dynasty (1198) in the Southern Song Dynasty, which was later expanded by the Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties, making it a large-scale sturdy Hainan island. City. The gate part has been repaired. The literary residence of literati, sage scholars, and celebrities in the past, and the residence of businessmen in developed areas such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Fujian have had a significant impact on the prosperity of Yazhou City.

Since the Tang Dynasty, many bureaucrats have been framed by traitors and have been exiled to Yazhou City. There are as many as 14 senior officials and ministers above the deputy prime minister alone, such as Wei Zhiyi and Tang Yan of the Tang Dynasty; Ding Yu, Zhao Ding, Lu Dawson, and Hu Yan of the Ning Dynasty, Wang Shixi of the Yuan Dynasty, and Wang Ming of the Ming Dynasty. Zhao Qian and others. Therefore, Yacheng is also known as the Youren Chushi Family. In particular, the famous monk Tang Zhen, a monk in the Tang Dynasty in the seventh year (748) of the Tang Dynasty, encountered a strong typhoon when he sailed to Japan for the fifth time. The sailboat he sailed into Yazhou City, where he helped build the big cloud. The temple has left a batch of Buddhist classics ready to be taken to Japan, which are magical treasures in the history of Yacheng culture. Huang Daopo, a female cotton textile innovator of the Yuan Dynasty, also lived in Shuinan Village in Yacheng for nearly 40 y ears. In the Ming Dynasty, Yazhou already had the grand occasion of strings of chanting sounds of Li Minwu, travel of the capital Xiaosuhang.

After Hainan established the Provincial Office of the Special Economic Zone, the gate of Yazhou City has been renovated, and it looks magnificent, with a steady stream of Chinese and foreign tourists. In Yacheng, there are well-known scenic spots both at home and abroad. They are shaped like giant trees, pillows and sea walls, peaks and peaks, forests overlapping, mountains and stones strange, different poses, green banyan trees, red beans like stars, spring clear like. During the Ming Dynasty, there was an “Aoshan Academy” here. On the southwestern foot of the Aomen Gate, there was “the large and small caves.” During the Nanxi Chunxi reign, Zhou Kang, a fighter from Jiyang, made “Moya” and “Stone Mark”. And other famous works. Jun Shou Mao Kui made the Large and Small Cave Days. Entering Xiaodongtian and boarding the Hook Platform, I saw the water and the sky, the sky and the water, the water and the sky are all the the same, the majestic rock hits the waves, and the sea ​​is magnificent. There is the word Hook Platform on the city square. Written by. There is also an exquisite inscription on a cliff, the poems and inscriptions left by Comrade Guo Moruo when he visited in 1962. A rope formed by a feldspar is suspended from the abutment along the stone wall to the sea, which is very magical and intriguing. Below the hook platform is a cliff hole with a deep curved path, and the three big characters Little Cave Heaven are engraved above the mouth of the cave. To the east is the fascinating Sea and Mountain Wonders, in addition to the Test Sword Peak pointing directly at Yuntian and Dieshiyu, and the ladder formed by layered stones. There are also also described as there are no rivers, lakes, lakes, and lakes, and there is no need to worry about repairs, realistic images of stone boats, immortal footprint stones and magic shark graves. The big cave sky , which is so bizarre that the scenery is strange and profound is even more attrac tive to tourists.

Near the northwest of Yacheng, there are two fascinating Yujing Hot Springs next to each other. What used to be a pool half warm and half cold. Just right. During the Zhengde period of the Ming Dynasty, it was protected by stone masonry . It was dumped for a long time. In the fifteenth year of the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty, Zhizhou Tang Yiyuan was rebuilt.

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