Guyang Cave Tourism

Guyang Cave was originally called Cave Temple, also known as Laojun Cave. Located in the south of Longmen West Mountain. It is the earliest and most abundant cave excavated in Longmen Grottoes. The excavation of this grotto also has some political flavors. It was carved by Emperor Xiaowen and his noblemen and senior generals who supported Emperor Xiaowen s move to Luoyang. The statue in the cave took several dynasties to complete. One Buddha and two Buddhas are carved on the front wall. On the high platform under the seat of the Buddha are statues carved during the Northern Wei Zhengshi, Yongping, and Jianchang years. Three north and south walls are carved with three columns of Buddhist altars. The arches of the altars and the carvings of the statues are exquisite and gorgeous, with rich and colorful decoration, and the posture of the portraits is religious and realistic. Inside the cave are also carved the most complete pictures of Buddhist stories in the Longmen Grottoes, such as ele phant reincarnation, birth under the tree, step by step lotus, Jiulong Guanding, standing as a prince, and dismissing a servant horse. Nineteen of the famous Twenty Pins of the Dragon Gate Wei Bei method post are preserved in the cave.

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