Gulangyu Tourist Area Tour, Tickets and Attractions Introduction

Gulangyu Island is located in the southwestern part of Xiamen Island, across the sea from Xiamen. It covers an area of ​​1.78 square kilometers and has more than 20,000 people. It is an area under the jurisdiction of Xiamen. Gulangyu Island was formerly known as Yuanshazhou and Yuanzhouzi. Due to the impact of the tide in the sea erosion caves in the southwest of Hainan, the sound was like a cymbal drum. The Ming Dynasty was changed to its present name. Due to historical reasons, buildings of different styles both at home and abroad have been collected and kept intact here, and they are called World Building Expo. Kojima is also fertile ground for music, with talents coming out. The piano has the highest density in the country, and is also known as the Piano Island and the Hometown of Music. The island has a pleasant climate, such as no cars and horses, flowers and birds, and is known as the Sea Garden. The main tourist attractions are Riguangyan, Xinzhuang Garden, Haoyue G arden, Yuyuan Garden, Huandao Road, Gulangshi, Museum, Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall, Underwater World and natural beaches, etc., which integrates history, humanities and natural landscapes into a national level. The scenic spot is the first of the Top Ten scenic spots in Fujian, and it is one of the 35 trump spots in the country. With the take-off of Xiamen Special Economic Zone, various tourist supporting services and facilities of Gulangyu Island have been perfected and become a comprehensive island scenic and cultural tourism area integrating sightseeing, vacation, tourism, shopping, leisure and entertainment.

Ligulangyu is not big, sitting on the ferry and looking at the small island opposite the sea, I even thought: does this small island really have a beautiful view of the sea garden, does it really have the singing of the piano island?

After getting off the boat, there were tourists coming and going around, and they quickly joined them. Follow the local guide to walk in the direction of Haoyueyuan Scenic Area, and the trees will be lined along the way. The sound of the peacock is very strange and interesting to us. When we saw the peacock on the wall, we took out cameras to take pictures.

The tour guide said that there are almost no cars on the island. At night, except for the sound of birds and music, it is very quiet. It can be imagined how comfortable it is to live on an island without the whistle. When it s okay, you can walk on the beach alone, listen to the sound of the waves, smell the breath of the sea, oh, it has really become a modern paradise.

On the beach of Haoyueyuan, there are already tourists playing, facing the temptation of the sea, can t help but be excited, take off their shoes and rush to the beach. However, the sand is not very small, and occasionally step on a few stones So I didn t dare to run wild, huh, after I went home, I told my family about the beach there, and then compared with Zhujiajian s beach, I always felt comfortable without Zhujiajian s beach.The family said that maybe Gulangyu is a small island. The land is near, and the sand is not completely subdivided. Think about it, it may be true. However, blowing the sea breeze and walking on the edge of the waves are already very relaxing, and I want to sing aloud.

There are many scenic spots on Lugulangyu Island, and I don t remember it well. There are many birds in the 100-bird circle, and I lost it with my colleagues there, so I still write there, huh, leave a trace. 🙂

While visiting the 100 Bird Park, because I concentrated on feeding the pigeons, I turned around and found that my colleagues who came with me were gone. Xiaowan was a road blind, but fortunately, I finally remembered the way when I came, so I went all the way Back. The alley was long and quiet. When I came here, I walked with my colleagues and talked to each other. I didn t think the alley was very quiet, but I went down alone, except for the sound of footsteps. Any noisy sounds. You long alley, green trees reflection, walking quietly, it feels really good. Tired, you can sit on the stone bench on the side, but unfortunately, because you are afraid of being lost, I can only come here again next time.

When I walked to the entrance of the concert hall, there was no quiet alley in the street. Tourists were like weaving. I took my mobile phone to contact my colleagues, but I couldn t reach it. Finally, my mobile phone was out of power. On the steps of the hall, watching people coming and going, oh, maybe this experience can make me remember Gulangyu more clearly.

After browsing Gulangyu Island at about 4.30pm, the ferry left again. I saw some netizens saying that not living on Gulangyu Island is a big loss, I think so too. Because I have not heard of Gulangyu Island yet. The sound of the piano , a bit sorry.

1. As soon as Gulangyu leaves the ferry, there are many local guides who say that they will take you to 6 attractions and charge 10 yuan. Usually they take tourists to spend and earn rebates. Not far from the ferry there is a Gulangyu Tourist Information Center, where you can get free information on the island s attractions, as well as electronically query Gulangyu s tourist information.

2. Gulangyu District has strict regulations. No motor vehicle is allowed on the island except for the tour battery car around the island. Walking on the island will not be disturbed and it is very quiet. A roundabout road has been built on the island, and tourists can walk along the island. Or take a battery car, 50 yuan / person, travel around the island for a week, the guide will introduce the attractions and let you go down. There are 6 scenic spots on the island. 2 scenic spots selling things are free of charge. Sunlight Rock, piano villas and other places are charged. If you visit all the attractions, it is estimated to be about 160 yuan. But it is more affordable to buy a joint ticket.

3. If you like swimming, you must bring a bathing suit, where the beach and sea water are good. You can t buy things on the island, especially at attractions.

Lugulangyu is one of the 35 trump spots in the country. It is a small island across the sea from Xiamen Island. It covers an area of ​​only 1.78 square kilometers and is under the jurisdiction of Siming District. Gulangyu Island was originally called Yuanshazhou . The sea cave in the southwest of the sea was hit by the tide. The coastline of the island is winding and winding, and the natural beaches with gentle slopes and fine sand are all around, and the magical reefs are ingenious. The island is rich in woods, birds and flowers, and buildings of various styles are intactly preserved on Gulangyu Island, so it is known as the World Architecture Expo.

The former Gulangyu Island was named Yuanshazhou, and it was renamed Gulangyu in the Ming Dynasty. Because there is a reef southwest of the island, whenever the tide surges, the waves hit the reef, and the sound is like a drum. People call it Gulangshi, hence the name Gulangyu.

At the end of Ming Dynasty, the national hero Zheng Chenggong once settled here, and there are still water platforms and the former site of Shizhaimen on Riguangyan. In 1842, after the Opium War, 13 countries, including Britain, the United States, France, Japan, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands, established consulates on the island. At the same time, merchants, missionaries, and traffickers set foot on Gulangyu Island to build consulates, Churches, foreign offices, hospitals and schools, land speculation, labor trafficking, consular missions, labor bureaus and conference halls were set up to turn Gulangyu into a public concession. Some wealthy overseas Chinese have also built houses, villas, telephones and water utilities. In December 1942, Japan occupied Gulangyu Island exclusively; after the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, Gulangyu Island ended its history of more than 100 years of colonial rule.

Lugulangyu covers an area of ​​only 1.91 square kilometers and is the largest satellite island in Xiamen, with 20,000 residents. The island is rocky and upright and majestic. Because of being beaten by the waves for many years, many valleys and cliffs, sandy beaches, reefs, cliffs, and rock peaks have formed side by side.

The streets of Lugulangyu are short, criss-crossed, clean and quiet, and the air is fresh. The island s trees are lush and flowers bloom. Especially the red tiles of the small building and the green trees look beautiful.

The buildings on the Gulangyu Island are lined up in a row, hidden in tropical and subtropical forests, the peaks of the Sunlight Rocks rise, and the flocks of gulls soar … forming a beautiful picture.

Lugulangyu is a cradle of musicians and an island of pianos. There are 600 pianos in Xiaogulangyu, which ranks the highest in the country. As long as you walk on the trails in all corners, you will hear pleasant piano sounds, melodious violin sounds, brisk guitar sounds, moving beautiful singing sounds, and the beat of the waves, the environment is particularly charming. Music has become a particularly gorgeous landscape of Gulangyu Island.

There are many piano families in Luogulangyu, including music schools, concert halls, symphony orchestras, and piano museums. On holidays and festivals, family concerts are often held, and some grandparents and grandchildren perform together to make families, groups, and the society full of music.

There are many talented musicians on Gulangyu Island. Pianists Yin Chengzong, Xu Feixing, Xu Feiping, Xu Xing ai and others are famous in Chinese and foreign music circles. China s first female vocalist and conductor Zhou Shu an, vocalist and singer Lin Junqing, bass singer Wu Tianqiu, famous conductor Chen Zuojiu, as well as Li Jialu and Zhuo Yilong, can be described as shining stars.

Gulangyu is an architectural expo, and many buildings have a strong continental style. The three pillars of ancient Greece: Toric, Ionik, and Corinth each exhibited their positions. Roman columns, Gothic spires, Islamic domes, and Baroque. Reliefs, fireplaces, balconies , hook bars, and arched windows. Fighting against each other, colorful, full of classicism and romanticism.

The roundabout road starts from the ferry terminal and heads east to Haoyue Garden-Dadeji Baths-Guanhai Garden-Xinzhuang Garden-Aberdeen After Bath-Hero Mountain Tunnel-Gulangshi-Gulang Villa-Huaqiao Subtropical Plant Introduction Park- Arts and Crafts School-Neiliao- Yanweishan-Sanqiutian Tourist Pier-Underwater World-Ferry Terminal; vice versa.

The night of Lugulangyu seems quiet and elegant. In particular, after the construction of the night scene project, Nikko Rock representing the natural scene, the Gossip Building representing the exotic architectural style, the waiting hall representing the piano-shaped music island, and the Zheng Chenggong statue standing on the overburden rock, etc., are illuminated by various lights Transparent and bright, glittering. In particular, there were several laser beams crossing Lujiang sea and air, swaying and dazzling.

Overlooking the night view of Gulangyu across the river, it is like a large flower pot gathered with bright and colorful flowers. It neatly reflects the neon lights of Xiamen Zhongshan Road, the spotlights of high-rise buildings, and many colored spotlights. The space is brilliant and charming.

Ancient City Fengyun Pavilion The Ancient City Fengyun Pavilion stands at No. 111 Lujiao Road, Gulangyu Island. It is a museum integrating history, culture and entertainment.

The science fiction theater introduced by New Zealand is the first high-tech performing arts project in China, and the mountain girl performed by the outstanding dancer of Xiamen Little Egret is true and false on the stage. The dance in front of the tourists at the touch of a button is breathtaking.

The passers-by of the Zhangzhou cloth puppet show show their skills in the tour hall. They will play several games every day and play Liangshan heroes to make a big mansion. The puppets on the stage swallowed clouds and fog, danced with silk sticks, trays with cans, and lion danced with guns; they performed brilliantly and made people laugh.

When I entered the ancient city tour hall, there was a dark lush forest in front of me. A group of young Gaoshan youths returned from hunting were wearing bows and arrows, bamboo darts, carrying hares, pheasants and fawns. A pair of Alishan girls and teenagers by the Sun Moon Lake, greeted them with a smile. The body, expression, face, features, and hair of lifelike hyper-realistic sculpture figures are no different from real people.

The theme of the ancient city is Zheng Chenggong s recapture of Taiwan s epic. There are more than 60 silicone-made statues in the exhibition hall, including Zheng Chenggong and his generals, Dutch officers and men, Gaoshan and Han people. Each scene is a comprehensive sculpture, painting art form, with lighting, music, speaking, film and television effects, showing the Dutch colonial rule in Taiwan. The moving scene of descending. The opening of the majesty Zheng Chenggong, with his artistic incarnation, reproduces the historical situation of the battle to drive the Netherlands!

Gulangyu Treasure World is a natural science popular science museum approved by Xiamen Science and Technology Bureau and Gulangyu District Government. It is a new tourism project integrating astronomy, geography, humanities and natural ecology. It is different from the traditional static natural scenic tourist attractions, but allows tourists to gain a lot of popular science knowledge in an interesting browsing process, and can deeply reflect the traditional art and culture of southern Fujian. This is also the tourism industry that many experts have been advocating. The tourism industry should strive to develop a new concept of tourist attractions that combines knowledge, fun, and culture. There are three major themed halls in this hall: the Minnan Culture and Art Hall, the Rare and Strange Beasts Hall, and the Universal Discovery Hall.

Lugulangyu Island is only 500 meters away from Xiamen Island. There are ferries to and fro. There is no money for the return journey, and it is 3 yuan for the return journey. However, starting from December 20th, a trial ticket of 50 yuan will be collected, including Gulangyu tickets.

If you want to listen to the sound of the waves, you have to live on the southwest side of Gulangyu Island. Here the sound of the waves is the largest. Although the guest house of Xiamen University is in poor condition, it has already lived in the most beautiful campus in China.

Yeye Family Mochi (Longtou Road Sanyou Street Crossing) and Yu Wan Tang (410 Longtou Road) are famous snacks on Gulangyu Island. The most famous specialty of Gulangyu is the Gulong pie, which is a mung bean pie made from refined white flour. It has a sweet and crispy texture and is moist and cold. Look for the brand.

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