Guiyang Tourist Attractions Fun places in Guiyang

Guizhou tourism has rich tourism resources, magnificent Huangguoshu waterfall, beautiful seven holes, Nanjiang grand canyon rafting and Xijiang thousands of Miao villages

Guiyang is the capital of Guizhou Province. It is located in the central part of the original hills of Guizhou Zhongshan on the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau. It is an ecological leisure tourism resort city. Playing around Guiyang City, three or four days is not so abundant.

① the Jiaxiu building on the Nanming River in the south of the city was built in the Ming Dynasty, based on a huge stone in the river. It fits its name very well, especially under the light at night. It is a must for Guiyang tourism and a good place for leisure and walking after dinner.

② qianlingshan park is a city park. The five yuan pass ticket is really affordable. The park is rich in content. Now there is a new zoo. Peacocks in peacock park can be kept close to each other, but the most famous one is qianlingshan monkey.

③ Huaxi District integrates nature and culture, especially Huaxi Park, Tianhetan, Zhenshan ethnic cultural village and Qingyan ancient town. Qingyan ancient town is one of the four ancient towns in Guizhou. It is a day’s drive to and from the ancient town on the mountain. There are many shops in the ancient town, and rose sugar is a feature.

④ Xiaoche River Wetland Park is also located in the city, free of charge, large-scale, beautiful scenery, with water trucks, miniature version of wind and rain buildings (Dong buildings).

Of course, there is the natural wetland “Weining Caohai”. It’s a good choice to choose a good day to see the migration of waterfowl here. Shuanglong town scenic area has experience of glass plank road and Grand Canyon suspension bridge, which gives you different sensory stimulation.

In addition, at the foot of Fufeng mountain in the east of Guiyang City, there is a Yangming temple, which is in memory of Wang Yangming. It was founded in the 19th year of Jiaqing (1814). It includes Yangming temple, yindaozhen temple and Fufeng temple. In Xiuwen and Yangming cave, where Wang Shouren “understood the Tao in the dragon field”, he founded the mind study of “unity of knowledge and practice”. It is known as the first ox man of Daming.

Should tourist attractions like Guiyang flower orchard invest more and more public resources?

The answer is yes. Whether huaguoyuan is the business card of Guiyang or the so-called “failure” of the city questioned by some people is not only determined by the unilateral efforts of the property owners themselves. As such a large real estate, its substantial operation and influence are far beyond the general definition of “real estate”. Moreover, the residential community of hundreds of thousands of people It accounts for a large proportion of the urban population of Guiyang. Therefore, it is more about the public sphere of people’s livelihood. It is understandable to call for more public resources (at least the proportion corresponding to its scale) to pour into this region.

Landmark: Flower orchard Twin Towers

From the perspective of previous construction, whether it is the expected planning of Zhonghuan Road, West 2nd Ring Road, BRT or Metro Line 3, we attach great importance to huaguoyuan. The investment in the early stage of huaguoyuan, whether it is the private enterprise or the layout of the public, is not low. We have paid a considerable sunk cost, and the operation and management in the later stage should not be absent.

In fact, we can also see the recent changes of flower orchard, such as the governance of mobile vendors, illegal operation, motorcycles and electric vehicles. The efforts are not small and the results are significant. At least, the flower orchard is not as congested as before.

From the perspective of long-term planning, the prospect of flower orchard is also very considerable. In the Sixth Batch of provincial modern service industry clusters, together with Gui’an new area, it has become the only two big data service industry clusters. This positioning is extraordinary, which also implies that the potential of flower orchard in the future may be more beyond the imagination of many people.

Huaguoyuan and Gui’an new area, as a big data service industry cluster

We have always believed that big data in Guizhou is not a simple hardware computer room, but more importantly data operation and development. If big data is used in the field of people’s livelihood, then the concepts of “smart city” and “smart community” will catch fire.

At present, as far as I know, in the huaguoyuan area, many people have been gradually promoting the intelligent mode that they can enter without swiping the access control and directly swiping the face card. Moreover, some new business forms such as “unmanned intelligent hotel” can also be found in huaguoyuan. It can be said that huaguoyuan contains the potential to become the leading position in the big data industry in Guizhou Province.

Flower orchard net red punch point: White House

In the future, if we can increase the input of public resources in huaguoyuan, whether in financial or human resources, the input-output ratio is still very considerable, one is conducive to improving the image of the city card, the other is to create more jobs, which can be said to be a win-win situation.

To sum up, huaguoyuan is the glory or regret of Guiyang. In addition to expecting the cooperation of huaguoyuan’s own property and owners, we believe that we can’t do without the support of public resources. The sunk cost is not low, or we can do it best if we want to. Don’t let such a large high-rise gathering area become a laughing stock for outsiders to see Guiyang or even Guizhou.

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