Guiping Xishan [Guangxi Guiping]

Guiping Xishan is one of the seven famous Xishan in China, also known as Siling Mountain. It is named after 1km west of Guiping County. Since the Southern Liang Dynasty established Guiping County in Xishan, it has gradually become a tourist attraction. It is commonly known as Guilin is a world with mountains and rivers, and it is more like a half mountain in Wucheng. The ancient trees on the mountain are towering.

Qi Guiping s Xishan is famous for its Shi Qi, Shu Xiu, Quan Gan, and Tea Fragrance . The mountains are lush, with tens of stones and hundreds of cubic meters of stones standing vertically and horizontally. In addition, the ancient trees are towering, forming a magnificent scenery. Xishan has a long history of humanities. There are buildings such as Li Gongci, Xiishiyan, Longhua Temple, Ruquan Pavilion, and Feige, and a relatively complete Guangxi Buddhist architecture Shixiyan has been preserved. Scholars and writers of all ages have appreciated Xishan poetry couplets for more than 4,000.

Xishan tea is famous for its famous fragrance, and its fragrance is delicious and sold all over the world. Quan Gan has always been praised by the world. In recent years, people have used high-quality milk spring water to make a lot of luscious agar milk. There are milk spring wines known as Guangxi Maotai, and Luo Han Guo containing various trace mineral elements that are good for the human body. Drink, sweet and refreshing. Every summer, there is a bamboo tube at Ruquan for passers-by to drink water, drink a spring of water, and sip slowly. Sincerely, it is a great pleasure. Known as the best of Xishan, Guiping has a picking tune that praises milk. Quan s: Flower ocher, flower ocher, milk spring water, Xi Camellia. These words are not to be told to lay people, lay people will become monks after listening.

Taking Guiping Xishan as the main body, including the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Jintian Uprising Site, Taipingshan Animal and Plant Nature Reserve, Zijingshan Zhuang Village Yaozhai style, Tiannan Fudidong Tianluo Congyan and Baishi Dongtian, Madong Lichi Village and Luzhou Ancient City scenery, Numerous scenic spots , including the Tropic of Cancer logo, form a large-scale scenic spot of Guiping Xishan. With a total area of ​​about 2,000 square kilometers, it is a national key scenic spot.

Xiguiping Xishan is located 1 km from Guiping City at the confluence of Guizhou, Yu, and Minjiang Rivers.

Xishan Mountain has an altitude of 678 meters. Since the establishment of Guiping County in the Southern Liang Dynasty in 502 AD, Xishan has become famous throughout the country. For more than 1500 years, it has been a tourist attraction.

The beautiful mountains and forests of Xixi are known as Guilin s mountains and rivers are the best in the world, and there is also a half mountain in Qicheng . This Chengcheng Banbian Mountain refers to Guiping Xishan. Xishan is famous for Lin Xiu, Shi Qi, Quan Gan, tea fragrance, and Buddha spirit. Xishan has the famous Official Bridge Autumn Willow, Yuntai Qushui, Loyal Songtao, Biyun Stone Trail, Ruquan Qinyun, Longhua Evening View , Feige Yueming , Eight Caves and other eight scenes. After the founding of the People s Republic of China, after several repairs, Linghu Diecui, Dangerous Peak Chaoyang, Hongqiao Dingquan, Changxia Meeting Fairy, Longting Viewing the Sun, Xiandao Hangbi, and Song Tao Listening Xuan and Liuxi Waterfall are unique and fascinating.

According to legend, when the Emperor Qianlong visited Jiangnan, he came to the Xiping Mountain in Guiping and saw the ancient pine towering in the sky. He took off the Dragon Robe and hung it on the pine trees. From then on, these pine trees grew Dragon Scales, which later generations called Dragon Scale Trees.

On the hillside of Xixi Mountain, there is the Tang Lishi Ancestral Hall, which was built more than a thousand years ago, the Longhua Temple in the Song Dynasty, and the Shixian Temple and the Guanyinyan Ancient Temple in the Qing Dynasty. Famous monks. Former Master Juzhan, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Buddhist Association, Master Jue Kwong, Deputy Chairman of the Buddhist Sangha Federation and Chairman of the Hong Kong Buddhist Federation, has presided over affairs at the Longhua Temple in Xishan, Guiping, and promoted the Dharma and promoted Academicization, production is welcomed by many audiences. On September 27, 1989, Master Shi Kuaneng, who died in Xishan, was a standing director of the Chinese Buddhist Association. At the age of 95, his cremation left three relics, which attracted numerous Chinese and foreign tourists.

Ruquan near Xihua Longhua Temple in Guiguiping is famous for its white color and sweet taste, and it is a must for Xishan. This spring is clearly like the Longjing in Hangzhou, but sweet and sweet, sometimes with white sauce and white as milk, so it is named Ruquan. According to legend, Song Daguan (four years AD 1110) once enshrined the world s five dragons, and set up a dragon temple here. After the stage, there was Ruquan. It has been verified by the environmental protection department that milk spring water contains 85% of natural oxygen. It is used to make wine and alcohol; it is used to make tea and tea.

Zhongshan Feige, which stands on the rock on the west side of the mountain, is a good place to visit. The view from the pavilion is refreshing. In October 1921, Mr. Sun Yat-sen took a ship from Sui to Luan, passing through Guiping County on the way, because of the beautiful scenery of Jiusi Mountain, he went on a day-by-day climbing tour. The newly-repaired Feige door has four bold characters Zhongshan Feige on its forehead. Yuzhu on both sides is engraved with the famous couplet written by Du Wei of the Qing Dynasty. The couplet is The Remains of the Officials Visited, It s Famous in Spring Dream , and the Couplet is Siling Views of the Spirit, Evening Lights of Wanjia . Standing in the pavilion, overlooking Guiping, the mountains and waters of Guiping have a panoramic view, which can t help but be sorrowful. It is really a fairyland on earth, with many trees surrounded by trees, two rivers and blue waters with thousands of families .

Xi Guiping s Xishan is a pure land. The towering trees give a solemn feeling. The incense in the temple is uninterrupted. From the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain and then coming down, I feel like the whole person is about to fall apart. Afterwards, I always smile because of contentment. The air is so fresh all year round. The mineral water on the mountain is the favorite of the Xishan people. You will always see some at sunset. The elderly and middle- aged people walked up and down the mountain carrying large and small bottles. One can exercise and forget about the busyness and worries of the day, and the other can drink sweet and delicious mineral water. The beauty of Xishan can only be experienced there if you go there in person..

Luxi Mountain is located 1.5 kilometers away from the ancient city of Dezhou, not far or close. Neither the noise of the city nor the dust of roads and streets can be heard. The temperature in Guiping is only January, which is about 4-12 ° C, and hotter in July and August, which is about 28-35 ° C.

Nanning will take a express bus for 3 hours to Guiping for a 300 yuan minivan or take the Longtan Scenic Bus (2 yuan) to the terminal at Guiping Square. It must be 10 kilometers to reach, but the scenery on the road is also good

Xi Guiping produces a famous tea, Xishan tea. Xishan tea is finely processed, the cords are all called, Miaofeng is exposed, the color is bright, the soup is bright, and the taste is fresh. (Dangzhou Prefecture Chronicle ). Guiping County Chronicle wrote: Xi Camellia, from Xishan Qipanshi Ruquan and right Guanyin rock, low plant loose planting, green leaf shop (fenmu), root sucking stone pith, leaf Ying Chaohao, so sweet and fragrant, Yantianshuyan, avoid the ground zen room, take the milk spring water to boil it, and throw away the dust and the three buckets, Hangzhou Dragon failed to catch it. Folk songs also said: Huayan stone, stone stone flower, milk spring water, Xishan tea Quan Gan in Xiping Guishan has always been praised by the world. In recent years, people have used high-quality milk spring water to make a lot of luscious agar milk. There are milk spring wines known as Guangxi Maotai , and Luo Han Guo containing various trace mineral elements that are good for t he human body. Drink, sweet and refreshing. Every summer, there is a bamboo tube at Ruquan for pedestrians to drink water, drink a bucket of spring water, and slowly sip it. It is a great pleasure to be known as Xishan.

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