Guilin’ China builds sustainable “upgraded version” of international tourism

  Xinhua Finance, Nanning, November 26 (Reporters Zhao Manjun and Huang Qinggang) The landscape of Guilin is a world where Yu Biluo is interested. The poem of Wang Zhenggong in the Southern Song Dynasty reflects the traditional image of literati and scholars visiting Guilin and sentimental landscapes. Today, driven by the local government, this ancient city is attracting more tourists from home and abroad with the beauty of culture and landscape.

  Guilin is a famous international tourist city, a national historical and cultural city, and a famous ecological mountain city. The integrated development of culture, tourism, and ecology is both a big trend and a big advantage of Guilin. Guilin Mayor Qin Chuncheng said at the Guangxi Cultural Tourism Development Conference 2019 Guilin will take this opportunity as an opportunity to continue to promote the integrated development of culture, tourism and ecology, and build international tourist resorts, national health tourism demonstration bases and national sustainable development agenda innovation demonstration areas .

  As night fell, a group of square dance enthusiasts gathered in front of the ancient south gate of Guilin. Hao Hai, 32, from Mexico, said: I like this comfortable lifestyle and am happy to be integrated into this life.

  In the section of the Yulong River passing through Yangshuo Town, tourists take a traditional rowing raft to enjoy the scenery. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhao Manjun

  In the summer of 23 years ago, Hao Haichu went to Guilin and visited places such as the Dragon s Back Terrace. For the next two years, he chose to travel to Guilin in different seasons and witnessed the changes in Guilin. The landscape is more beautiful than imagined. Each place has its own characteristics. There are many foreign tourists. Guilin is moving towards internationalization. Hao Hai said.

  In recent years, Guilin City has created a number of classic tourist attractions such as Zhengyang East and West Lanes, Xiaoyao Tower, and Duxiu Peak, which integrate the scenery of the Lijiang River with history and culture. Ethnic autonomous counties combine elements of ethnic minorities with terraced landscapes; Xing an, Quanzhou, Guanyang and other places vigorously develop red tourism.

  Visitors visit Xiaoyao Building, Dongxi Lane, Guilin City. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Cao Mingming

  On At the 2019 Guangxi (Guilin) ​​Cultural Tourism Major Project Investment Promotion Conference and Signing Ceremony held recently, all parties signed a total of 17 cultural tourism projects with a total amount of 75.93 billion yuan.

  Data from the Department of Culture and Tourism of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region show that in 2018, Guilin received more than 100 million tourists and the city s total tourism consumption exceeded 130 billion yuan. This year, Guilin is expected to receive more than 130 million tourists and achieve a total tourism consumption of more than 170 billion yuan.

  Tong Guilin took the lead in implementing a 72-hour transit visa exemption for citizens of 51 countries and a 6-day entry visa exemption for 10 ASEAN tour groups. According to the plan, Guilin will be built into a world-class tourist destination and an international cultural exchange center by 2025.

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