Gudong Waterfall Tour Ticket and Scenic Spot Introduction

Guilin Gudong Waterfall is located 26 kilometers east of the urban area of ​​Guilin, down the Li River, and is located on the Guilin — Guanyan Tourist Line. It is a rising star in the development of scenic spots. The scenic area is a multi-level series of waterfalls formed by underground springs. The waterfall is 180 meters higher than the water level of the Li River. It can still gush and is the only multi-level series of waterfalls formed by underground springs in the country. The Chinese sedimentation can gradually grow taller and change the scenery of the waterfall; the nine-level waterfalls have different shapes, some are like snorkeling, some are like a dragon spraying water, some are on a mossy rock wall, and the waterfall is like a cloth. The water pattern is clear and can be seen, and it is white and transparent, like a spray cloud; some currents focus on betting into deep pools and splashing with layers of water spray, like drizzle, lush forests on both sides of the wat erfall, shade and quiet, water quality Clear and transparent, cool and sweet.

At the foot of Laoshan, it is rich in tropical rain forests, with vines hanging on the walls, jungle stalks, more than 3,000 acres of maples and horsetail pines, wind blowing forests, birds and flowers, which makes people feel at home. Fresh air with high negative oxygen ion content stands in the tourist circle of Daguilin, forming a natural ecological tourism scenic spot. The red maple in the late autumn season is waiting for you, so that you can feel the beauty of the frost forest, the mountains are red, and the red leaves are covered with the beauty of the trail.

The mountain spring water, native chickens and ducks, bamboo shoots and wild vegetables, farmhouse flavor, pure green, you can enjoy the taste of nature. Gudong Forest Waterfall is an ecological and environmental education base designated by the Guangxi Science and Technology Commission.

Gudong Waterfall Transportation: Take the Guilin-Guanyan special bus at Guilin Bus Terminal to Guilin Gudong Waterfall for 6 yuan. Guilin departs at 7:30 at the earliest, and Guanyan returns at 18:30 at the latest.

This scenic spot is a designated tourist destination of the China Tourism Net [Public Travel Card]. Cardholders can make appointments by phone and enjoy member prices. \\ U0026 gt; \\ u0026 gt; I want to apply for a card

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