Guangxi’s promotion of cultural tourism reform and development is expected to receive more than 83.4

Xinhua News Agency, Nanning, November 28 (Reporter He Wei) The reporter learned from a press conference on comprehensive deepening reform in Guangxi on the 28th that since this year, Guangxi has advanced its institutional reform, conference mechanism reform, supply-side structural reform , and land use policy reform. And the reform of delegating management services to promote the reform and development of tourism and the construction of a strong cultural tourism area. It is expected that the autonomous region will receive more than 834 million domestic and foreign tourists this year, an increase of about 25% year-on-year, and the total tourism consumption will exceed 1.01 trillion, an increase of about 33%.

Lai Fuqiang, deputy director of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Autonomous Region, introduced that Guangxi builds a rich cultural tourism product system, pays close attention to industrial transformation and upgrading, and integrates and develops the industry. With high-quality economic lines and projects, the Yulong River in Yangshuo has become a national tourist resort. The two rivers, four lakes, the Xiangshan Scenic Area, and the Detian Waterfall Scenic Area have been upgraded to national 5A-level tourist attractions. At present, Guangxi has 507 A-level scenic spots, 2 World Heritage sites, 1 World Geopark, 52 national intangible cultural heritage sites, and 81 national key cultural relics protection units.

At the same time, Guangxi made use of the characteristic resources of mountains and rivers, humanities and ecological, agricultural and other advantageous industries to promote the integration of the tourism industry with culture, agriculture, forestry, sports, medical care, water conservancy and other multi-industries, and created the Guangxi Garden Expo Park and the “Boli River”, National Water Conservancy Scenic Area Xing an Lingqu and other garden water conservancy scenic spots; 14 national-level recreational agriculture and rural tourism demonstration counties, 22 beautiful recreational villages in China, and 213 autonomous region-level recreational agriculture and rural tourism demonstration sites have been created. 94 counties (cities and districts) in the autonomous region carried out the establishment of national comprehensive tourism demonstration zones and Guangxi s characteristic tourist counties. Yangshuo County and Jinxiu County won the first batch of national touris m demonstration zones.

Lai Fuqiang said that since this year, Guangxi has promoted the working mechanism of major tourism projects, increased land use guarantees and other measures through the leadership of the Autonomous Region, and has focused on advancing the construction of a batch of 10 billion yuan major cultural tourism projects. As of now, there are a total of 223 major cultural tourism industry projects in the autonomous region, including 63 newly started projects with a total investment of 191.9 billion yuan; 84 continued projects with a total investment of 113.5 billion yuan; 7 annual completed projects with a total investment of 2.3 billion; At present, a total investment of 47.46 billion yuan has been completed.

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