Guangxinyuan Ethnic Village Tourism

Guangxinyuan Ethnic Village is located in the trench in the deep Qinling Mountains, 48 ​​kilometers away from the ancient city of Xi an. It is a restaurant, guest room, entertainment, folk song and dance viewing, folk customs activities appreciation, solely developed by Xi an Guangxin Industrial Co., Ltd., The popularization and promotion of ethnic cultural knowledge is an ornamental tourist resort, a designated domestic tourism unit in Xi an, and a national AA-level tourist scenic spot. It is a good place for citizens to travel in the countryside and relax.

The scenery here is beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, there are the Dai bamboo house in Xishuangbanna, the tea house, the unique walled house of the Mosuo people, the authentic and wonderful ethnic song and dance and ethnic food, the ever-lasting Songkran Festival, the lively and extraordinary bonfire party, fun Enticing folk customs and activities, refreshing and refreshing; yurts are dotted at the foot of the Tiger Mountain, Bai villages, Miao villages, Yao villages, and Qiang villages are located on the mountainside, natural swimming pools, fishing gardens, hunting grounds, barbecue areas, river embankment parks are scattered Surrounded by each other; the Nu tribe fly across the four-view pavilion and Yuexin Pavilion in a volley, with novelty, excitement, and enjoyment; the entertainment city ​​under the crouching tiger platform is a happy world, karaoke, KTV Private rooms, chess and card rooms, and laser movie halls are fully equipped; the large conference hall of the Conferenc e Center can accommodate 120-160 people, and the small conference room can accommodate 30 people; the Jiajialou ethnic song and dance performance restaurant can accommodate 300 people at the same time; The Health Center has a gym, sauna, surf bath , and bubble bath, which are all good places for people to relax and entertain.

The natural landscape in Gion Garden is distributed all around. Stone turtle climbing, crouching Buddha and moon watching, Mt. Tiger Mountain, and golden cow lying pond are wonderful. The ascending ladder and the Baibu ladder are connected to the Four King Pavilion, Yuexin Pavilion, Juxian Pavilion, Guanyin Temple, God of Wealth Temple, and Hunting Ground. Ascending the distance and looking up, the blue sky and white clouds, surrounded by mountains make you relax in the wonderland and relax, let you invest in the embrace of nature, enjoy green and healthy tourism, and enjoy unlimited happiness in life.

Come friends, Guangxinyuan Ethnic Village will welcome you from all walks of life to the embrace of nature with the most distinctive services, and enjoy green oxygen in this exotic natural scenery resort, letting the busy and tired body relax and relax rest.

Guangxinyuan Ethnic Village Transportation: (1) To Guangxinyuan Ethnic Village, you can take a shuttle bus to Lishui, Ningshan, and Ankang at the Long-distance Bus Station outside Xi an, and get off at the ethnic village. The fare is About 8 yuan. (2) The transfer from Xi an to Tongkou.

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