Guangxi Zijiang Drifting China Tourism Net

Zijiang originates from Maoer Mountain, the first peak in South China at 2145.5 meters above sea level, and runs through the entire county. The coastline is Danxia landform landscape, integrating secluded, dangerous, beautiful and strange. The Langtian Yaozhai Village passing by the Zijiang River has a strong ethnic customs, and offers folkloric programs such as drinking wine, banquet dancing, and carrying a bride, making tourists forget to return. Zijiang is the main component of the Zijiang-Bajiaozhai National Forest Park. It is 107 kilometers away from Guilin. The forest park covers an area of ​​84,000 hectares. The typical Danxia landform and romantic Zijiang

The park consists of three major scenic spots: Zijiang, Bajiaozhai, and Baoding Waterfall. There are more than 300 places of interest, including screw mountain, idol drinking water, Tianmen mountain, wind stone, Qunluo sky, Baoding waterfall, first line sky, flowers. Guoshan Hot Spring, etc., has been praised as high-grade national ornamental garden by geological, garden, and tourism experts, and it can be called one of the best in the world. It is a bright pearl in the National Forest Park. Carry out special tourism projects such as rubber boat drifting river, river lantern festival, folk songs and dances. The traffic and communication facilities in the scenic area are perfect, and one-stop service for eating, living, traveling and playing .

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