Guangdong to build northern eco-tourism area identified 100 forest tour routes

Guangdong to build northern eco-tourism zone Confirmation of 100 forest tour routes

The Department of Natural Resources of Guangdong Province, the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Province and the Provincial Forestry Bureau jointly issued and issued the Notice on Accelerating the Development of Forest Tourism. The notice proposes that Guangdong should focus on the six circles ”of Danshan, Huanluo Fushan, Nankunshan, Huandinghushan, Tiantianlushan, Yunyunwushan, Yunfengshan, and Phoenix-Lotus Mountains, and strengthen the focus of forest tourism.

Create a northern eco-tourism area; actively create national parks and establish a natural reserve system with national parks as the main body. The notice shows that Guangdong should focus on the development of forest recreation industries, forest tourism formats, forest ecological camping sites, create forest tourism demonstration bases, and create a number of characteristic forest tourism routes. The province will develop forest recreation development

The notice proposes that by 2020, Guangdong will build 30 provincial forest rehabilitation bases; by 2022, strive to build at least one natural education base at each prefecture level, build 1 national forest tourism demonstration city, and 6 Forest tourism demonstration county. At the same time, Guangdong will strengthen the integration of the province s forest tourism resources, select and identify a number of characteristic forest tourism routes in the province, and take the lead in building the forest tourism routes with state-owned forest farms in the province ; strengthen exchanges and cooperation with neighboring provinces, and actively create a Approve inter-provincial cooperation in forest tourism characteristic routes. It is reported that the Guangdong Forestry Bureau will organize the selection and identification of 100 forest tourism characteristic lines as a new forest tourism brand . According to the Guangdong Forestry Bureau, in recent years, Guangdong has vigorously promo ted the development of forest tourism, initiated the compilation of Guangdong Forest Tourism Development Plan, Guide to the Construction of Forest Recreation Bases, and Guide to the Construction of Forest Experience Bases. Maintenance base (pilot). At present , the province has created 5 national forest tourism demonstration counties and 711 forest parks above county level.

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