Gu Longzhong [Hubei Xiangfan]

Gulongzhong is located in the mountains 13 kilometers west of Xiangyang City. It is a cultural relics scenic area in the outskirts of Xiangfan City with the former residence of Zhuge Liang as the main body. The valley to which it belongs. The main peak, Long Zhongshan, is 306 meters above sea level, undulating and spiraling like a dragon. Daqi Mountain, which faces across the valley, is tall and sags slowly, like a crouching tiger. The mountains are lush with bamboo and lush, with lush green hills. Ponds, mountain streams, water streams.

Lugu Longzhong is the main scenic spot. She has rich human landscape and beautiful natural environment. The mountains are not high and elegant, the water is not deep and clear; the ground is not wide and flat; the forest is small and lush. Luo Guanzhong described Gu Longzhong in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Today, the natural landscape in Gurung seems to have changed little, but it has added many monumental buildings, as well as the ancient laurel tree surrounded by the four-person path deep in the courtyard. Whenever August, the trees are full of golden flowers and fragrance.

Zhuge Liang (181-234), the word Kong Ming, Shandong Langxian Yangdu (now Shandong Yinannan), was an outstanding politician and military strategist during the Three Kingdoms period. At the age of seventeen, he went to Xiangyang with his uncle Zhuge Xuan , lived in the middle of the retreat, studied hard, and paid attention to the world. He was called Wolong. The famous Three Visits to the Thatched Cottage and the Longzhong Pair also happened here in history. The former residence of Zhuge Liang in Longzhong is one of the important places to commemorate Zhu Geliang. Since General Liu Jihe from the south of Xijin Town visited the former residence of Zhuge Liang s former residence in Longzhong in 304 AD, people of all ages have considered all the remains in Longzhong as precious cultural relics, and successively built Wuhou Temple and Sangumen., Sangutang, Gubai Pavilion, Bao knee Pavilion and other memorial buildings; also named some of the important relics of Zhuge Liang, such as Gong tian, Xiaohong Bridge, Hexiu Jing, Baoshan Stone, Liangfuyan, Banyuexi, Star Watching Taiwan, Qintai, etc., gradually formed the Longzhong Scenic Cultural Relics Area with the main ten scenic spots in Longzhong as the main body.

In the mountains and forests of Longzhong, there are a large number of relics left by Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei and memorial buildings built over the ages. Each site reflects the important activities of Zhuge Liang, or important events in history, and has rich cultural connotations. The area of ​​the the commemorative building preserved and restored now covers a total area of ​​13 acres (excluding the courtyard). It has stately palaces, pavilions, corridors, buildings, and pavilions along the mountains and rivers. The architectural style is simple and has a strong flavor of northwest Hubei folk houses. The Wuhou Temple was built in the Jin Dynasty, and the formation of the Longhua Scenic Spot has a history of more than 1,600 years. The former residence of Zhuge Liang in Longzhong is now one of the key cultural relics protection units and scenic spots in Hubei Province.

In fact, in this beautiful and beautiful place in Longzhong, its food culture is not very developed and has no characteristics. There are only a few restaurants opposite the Longzhong gate, and there are one or two larger restaurants directly opposite Longzhong. Because the level of consumption in Xiangfan is not very high, the food there is cheaper than in other places. At Longzhong Station, there will be snacks on the side of the road, especially in the morning, there will be oil cakes and baked sweet potatoes. For those who have not eaten, you can still taste them. The cake is only 5 cents. As for Longzhong, it can be said that there are no hunger-selling foods to eat, only melon seeds, snacks like plums and old spring water. Everyone is better off not buying water to drink, because some people pick up recycled water bottles to fill tap water, which is very bad, so be careful.

Xixiang Fan has a well-known food, and it is the breakfast that Xiangfan people can t live without. That is beef noodles. Many Xiangfan people miss it especially when they go to other places. Therefore, friends traveling to Xiangfan must definitely taste the cuisine in the eyes of Xiangfan people. However, many people have poor craftsmanship and are not very tasty. When you choose a restaurant first, which one is the hottest business and the longest line up, then it means that the restaurant is delicious!

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