Great Tianchi [Jiangxi Lushan]

  Da Tianchi is located at the top of Tianchi Mountain in the northwest of Lushan. The pond is rectangular, the water is blue, and the light is like jade. Ichihara is a release pond in Tianchi Temple. Tianchi Temple is the oldest temple on the top of Lushan Mountain. Eastern Jin monk Hui Chi was founded, formerly known as Peak Temple. Song Dynasty changed its name to Tianchiyuan. Ming Taizu named it Tianchi Huguo Temple. Emperor Cheng ancestor of the Ming Dynasty Tianchi Wanshou Temple, Ming Guangzong also called Tianchi Miaoji Temple, then Kuanglu first brake, the temple was abandoned. Chixi has a half-moon-shaped moon platform, named Wenshu platform, with a stone-wood structure and two floors. The lower floor is a stone room with five windows and doors and windows to fill the room. The top of the hand is called the platform. Looking up from the stage, the mountains are rising, the peaks are connected, and the far waves are bright and clear, which is very wild. It is the best plac e to observe Buddha light. A pavilion in Taitung, called Douming Pavilion, also known as Old Mother Pavilion. Founded in the Ming Dynasty. Stone concrete structure with rounded spires. Banners have usurped looking at the ancestor. On the upright column is the Lishu couplet Linyu left ash gray method to solemnly leave the Buddha seat, the petal incense is in danger and the new pavilion structure protects the box.

  A pagoda stands on the ridge of Tianchi Lake. The tower is a pavilion-style stone tower with five floors and six sides, and the tower brake is in the shape of an aquarium. It is more than 20 meters high and was built during the Song Jianyan period (1127-1130 AD). It was built by Song Chengxiang Han Fuyu. Tang Shengzhi was rebuilt in 1927. Inside the tower are silver Buddha statues, Song coins and crystal beads.

  The other building with a circular shape and a diameter of 16 meters and a umbrella-topped Buddhist temple is named Yuanyuan Temple. The temple was built in 1926. It was originally five gates. Each of them has a statue of a Buddha, so it is also known as the Five Buddha Circles. According to legend, Tang Shengzhi built a temple for his mother.

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