Grand View Garden Tour, Dream Location of Red Mansion

Today s Grand View Garden is a newly built antique building based on Cao Xueqin s description. We can still faithfully trace the original appearance of the Red House on the premise of staying faithful to the original fashion and architectural style. This is the main scene of the filming of the TV series A Dream of Red Mansions.. The pavilions and pavilions in the park have twists and turns on the veranda, lush flowers and trees, and rippling waves. There are also deer crane dance, peacock opening screen, fish jumping in the water, ducks and geese exuberant. Honglou Culture and Art Exhibition is a permanent exhibition here. It is divided into six parts: Yuanfei Fei Province, Honglou Cultural Relics, Honglou Culture and Art, Grand View Garden, Cao Xueqin s family life, and academic studies of Red Studies. The Dream of Red Mansion is extensive and profound.

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