Grand View Garden [Shanghai Qingpu]

One of China s four great masterpieces, Dream of Red Mansions , has made many people want it, and the Grand View Garden in Dream of Red Mansions has made many people linger for their souls. How many people are looking for this Grand View Garden with the beautiful mountains and rivers and beautiful scenery in the sky. After the persistent pursuit of several generations, the mood of the Grand View Garden described in A Dream of Red Mansions is even more beautiful. In Shanghai s Qingpu Lake, a Shanghai-style dream-seeking paradise near the Dianshan Lake, Shanghai s Grand View Garden, a celestial palace in the heaven, the home of the underground emperor The Grand View Garden also appeared in front of people like a picture. She combines the rough style of the northern garden with the fine and delicate of the southern garden. The garden art and literature and art are combined into one, and the entire garden building layout covers the profound story of the Red House, the grandeur of th e Grand View House, and the solemnity of the body; the magnificence of Yihong Courtyard, the simplicity of Daoxiang Village; the elegance of Xiaoxiang Pavilion, The richness and richness of Wuwuyuan; all of them vividly reproduced the charm of the original work. Around the Grand View Garden, there are also scenic spots such as Meiwu Chunnong, Liuti Chunxiao, Qunfang Zhengyan, Jinxue Piaoxiang and Shanghai National Cultural Village, which form a multifunctional tourist area.

The Laodianshan Lake Grand View Garden Tourist Area is located in the Qingpu District in the southwest corner of Shanghai. It faces the Dianshan Lake in the east, Yuandang in the west, and is adjacent to Jiangsu Province. It is 65 kilometers from the city center (People s Square) and 45 kilometers from Hongqiao International Airport. The area of ​​the tourist area is about 1600 acres. A Qing (Pu) Shang (商) highway runs across the center, dividing the tourist area into two parts, east and west.

The eastern part of the village is mainly based on garden plants, and the pavilions and gallery buildings are appropriately decorated, which has the natural features of Jiangnan water village. Meiwu Chunnong is located in the northeast, covering an area of ​​190 acres and planting more than 4,000 plum trees. There are buildings such as Lengxiang Pavilion and Mei Cun in the garden. There is a Silver Red Terrace Pavilion old plum in front of the pavilion. It is a rare treasure. When the spring is cold in early March, red, white and green plum flowers compete. The subtle fragrance floats, and it is a place to enjoy plum blossoms. Along the embankment of the lake is a wisteria promenade. During the stroll, you can watch the blue waves of Dianshan Lake, the waves splash, the fish sails a little, the river gulls hover in the air, and the wild ducks play in the lake, making visitors forget to return. Liuti Chunxiao is on the east side an artificial lake embankment over 380 meters long. Willows and peaches are planted on the embankment, and a double-dragon opera pearl stone arch bridge is built in the embankment. Standing on the top of the bridge, the inner lake canoe is rippling, and the outer lake is full of sky and sparkles. Jinxue Piaoxiang is in the southeast. The sweet-scented osmanthus forest covering more than 60 acres includes more than 3,000 strains such as Jin Gui, Yin Gui, Dan Gui, and Si Gui Gui.. Everything is beautiful is on the east side of Qingshang Highway. There is a large velvet lawn of more than 40 acres. Nine cedars stand proudly. Several 700-year-old tree balds are full of vitality, surrounded by green bamboo and white magnolia., Magnolia, purple magnolia, crape myrtle, rhododendron, pomegranate, rose, wax plum, xiaorong and other flowers embellish it.

The western part of the city is a large-scale garden called Grand View Garden based on the pen of Cao Xueqin, the author of the classic Chinese classic Dream of Red Mansions. There are “Provincial Pro-Villas” (Daguan Building), Yihong Courtyard, Xiaoxiang Pavilion, Wuwu Academy, Tirenxiude, Qiushuangzhai, Fengfengxuan, Xiangxiang Xie, Nuanxiangwu, Daoxiang Village, Aujing Pavilion, Lixiang Academy There are more than 20 scenic spots, such as Qi Cuiyu, Hongxiang Garden, Dicuiting, Luxueting , Shijie, Qinfangting (bridge), and winding paths. The entire garden is well-placed, with magnificent architecture, towering towering towers, elaborate carved buildings, strange rock formations, stacked mountains, ancient trees, and green bamboo. They have both the style of the Royal Garden and the beautiful style of Jiangnan gardens. Re-creation. The furnishings of the interior furniture are all arranged according to the character and storyline of the characters in A Dream of Red Mansions. Some are luxurious and noble; some are solemn and simple; some are rare and precious. These elaborate designs will immerse you in the mood of A Dream of Red Mansions after viewing.

The tower courtyard is built on the southeast side of the Grand View Garden. The seven-storey double-eaves-like imitation Song pagoda is called Qingyun Tower. The tower is 47.6 meters high. The sixth and seventh floors are used for tap water storage Visitors can go directly to the fifth floor and climb the tower to enjoy the panoramic views of the tourist area.

Since opening in 1984, the Shanghai Grand View Garden has received more than 15 million tourists from home and abroad, and successively and current leaders of the party and the country, foreign leaders, and well-known figures at home and abroad. Won the national [Luban Award] and Shanghai [Top Ten Buildings], [Top Ten New Leisure Attractions].

Shanghai Grand View Garden has formed an integrated reception service system of [food, accommodation, travel, shopping, entertainment], and has become the best shooting base for film, television and photography enthusiasts at home and abroad. The annual Red House Art Festival has become a traditional tourist program in Shanghai, and various activities in Grand View Garden have become a wonderful part of Shanghai Tourism Festival.

Adjacent to the Shanghai Grand View Garden is the Shanghai Yinzhuyuan Resort-Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Shanghai Branch Staff Training Center, which is located by the lake in Qingpu and offers conference services in Shanghai.

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