Grand Samba Torii [Macao Peninsula]

Macau s Grand Semba Torii is a relic of Western Catholic missions from the east and has always been a symbol of Macau s scenery. Everyone who visits Macau usually visits here. On Sundays and public holidays, there are also school performance groups performing traditional Chinese dances in front of the archway for tourists to watch.

The Dasamba archway was not originally a torii, but the front wall of the Dasamba church. The official name of St. Paul s Church is St. Paul s Church, while Samba is a transliteration of St. Paul SAOPAVIO. Because there is another smaller St. Paul s church built nearby, it is called big three buses . Later, due to the fire in the cathedral, almost all of it was burned. Only the stone wall in front of the church remains, as if it is a traditional archway in China. Therefore, it is called Dasanba archway.

St. Paul s Church is the oldest western building in Macau, located on a high platform in the center of downtown Macau. This church has an inextricable bond with the fire. From the beginning of its carving to the only remaining front archway, it has experienced three fires and has been repeatedly burned and built. It is a living historical witness. On the evening of January 26, 1835, the fire of St. Paul s Church was out of control. It was burned for more than two hours . The entire church was almost tortured. Fortunately, the most precious front wall of the church can still be preserved and stand today The Dasanba archway was repaired several times during the period. The most recent large-scale maintenance project was carried out in 1991. The architecture of St. Paul s Church of the year was a combination of European Renaissance and Eastern architecture. It presented a stack of columns, 27 meters high, 23.5 meters wide, and 2.7 meters thick. The slowly extending steps increased Its hist ory is heavy. For a long time, it is no accident that Chinese and foreign experts in the construction, cultural relics, and art circles have attached great importance to the Trinity Archway. It has a magnificent and magnificent shape, and there are as many as 40 decorative cobblestone columns up and down, as if it were born as a separate artwork. Regarding the construction cost of the Dasanba torii, it reached thirty-two thousand silver three hundred years ago, becoming the largest Catholic church in the Far East at that time.

After the church was built, it became famous in China and even the Far East. Many foreign missionaries came here to study Catholicism. In addition to theology, the theological seminar set up in the church also includes natural and human subjects, and especially Chinese. The college has trained many missionaries, as well as many talents in the arts and sciences. Some Chinese have also entered this church to study.

According to historical records, behind the archway is a large-domed church. There are three ceremonies in the church, all paved with white stone. The three palaces are beautifully decorated, with many fine arts. The church has a bell tower and a rooftop . Standing on the rooftop, you can see the whole city of Macau.

This Cuban Rock-style building stands on a small hill near Dasamba Street. It faces the 68-level spacious stone steps and is adjacent to the famous fortress. It has a magnificent and beautiful shape. Erosion caused by wind and rain, stands miraculously as ever.

Granite The archway made of granite is modeled on the architectural style of ancient Greek Baroque. It is covered with reliefs and has a sophisticated artistic conception. From the bottom up, there are three doors to the church on the ground floor. The words Mother of God are engraved on the top of the main door in Latin, and Jesus Christ is engraved on the left and right sides. The second floor niches are carved with the figure of the Jesuit saint and the relief of the figure who hangs the cross. Inside the third-floor arch, there are statues of the Virgin Mary and peony flowers symbolizing China, cherry blossoms symbolizing Japan, and reliefs such as Portuguese sailboats. On the fourth floor is a statue of the Holy Child of Jesus, which is engraved with tools to crucify Jesus. On the third and fourth floors are a pair of stone lions with Chinese art features. On the fifth floor, there are reliefs of lilies and chrysanthemums in oriental colors. At the very top of the torii is a bronze eagle statue.

In short, the exquisite art carvings decorate the archaic archetypes of Dasanba in a simple and elegant way. Whether it is the towering cross at the top of the torii, the statue of the infant child under the bronze dove and the statue of the Virgin surrounded by angels and flowers, it is full of rich religious atmosphere and gives people a beautiful enjoyment.

Beneath the entire archway, people looked up, and the archway was even more majestic. After seeing the Dasamba Monument Square, tourists may wish to visit the adjacent ancient fortress castle. Ascending the magnificent ancient fortress castle that resembles an ancient European castle, people can not only see more than ten giant cast iron ancient cannons, think about the ancient feelings, but also enjoy a panoramic view of Macau.

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