Good place for jumping

The earliest jumping platform-Shidu bungee jumping: In mid-May 1997, the first bungy jumping platform in China was built on the cliff of Badu Kirin Mountain in Shidu Scenic Spot, Beijing, 48 meters above the water surface. In late April 1998, a 55-meter high platform was built next to it.

The highest jumping platform-Chaoyang Park bungee jumping: On April 8, 2000, the highest bungee jumping platform in Asia so far was officially used on the Chaoyang Park Skyline Extreme Island. It is 76 meters high, and visitors are equivalent to jumping from 20 floors.

Qinglong Gorge Bungy Jumping: The bungee jumping platform of Qinglong Gorge Scenic Area in Huairou was established in June 1998. The tower is 68 meters high, which was the highest bungee jumping tower in China at that time.

Bungee jumping in the city: This tower is located on the fountain plaza between Yingdong Swimming Hall and Comprehensive Hall in the Olympic Sports Center. It was built in June 1998 and is 24 meters high. It is a T-shaped structure and can be jumped off from both sides in different ways..

Bungee Jumper-Longtan Lake Bungy Jumping: In 1999, Longtan Lake Park added this unique bungee jumping. It consists of three 40-meter-high, triangular-shaped masts that can be attended by three people at the same time. They were tied side by side, their feet were connected with a separate mast by a steel cable, the cable was tightened by a hoist, and they were lifted to 40 meters. When the cables were loosened, they dived head down towards the ground and almost immediately collided with the ground. They were towed by the cables fixed to the other two masts and rushed towards the opposite sky. This was repeated many times, allowing participants to experience the feeling of weightlessness and almost hitting the ground.

Indoor bungee jumping: On June 17, 1999, the 80,000 people extreme sports center located in the 80,000 people stadium in Shanghai was officially opened to the public with an indoor bungee jumping platform.

Guangzhou s first bungee jumping platform is located on the edge of a cliff next to Baibushan Baibu Ladder. The jumping platform is 40 meters from the bottom of the valley, which has a pool of about 400 square meters.

In 1998, it bounced into Wuhan, Hubei at high altitude. The Wuhan Youth Palace officially established a 40-meter high-altitude bouncing tower, and officially opened high-altitude bouncing to the public on April 11.

Wuhan Sante Guishan Extreme Sports Center has built two bungee jumping platforms, “High Platform” and “Hanjiang”. The bungee jumpers can either face Guishan Mountain or face the waves of Hanjiang River to get different high-altitude jumping experiences.

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