Gongga Mountain Scenic Area-Tianwan River [Sichuan Ya’an]

Gongga Mountain Scenic Area-Tianwan River is located in Shimian County. It is 46 kilometers away from the county seat and covers an area of ​​380 square kilometers. The Tianwan River originates from the south slope of Gongga Mountain, and the scenic area extends along the river. There are more than 10 peaks with an altitude of 5,000 meters and above. The mountains are rugged, the mountains are stacked, the peaks are sharp, and the snow is white. It is a famous wonder of Gongga Mountain. Lianhua Mountain is like a seven-petal lotus flower, with sunrise and sea of ​​clouds, and 5 huge glaciers can be developed. Among the people at the foot of the glacier, the sea tail and the Bawanghai are like sapphires inlaid in the valley . The lakes and mountains are reflected in the blue sky and white clouds.

The Putian Bay River is the largest river in Gongga Mountain, with turbulent mountains and rivers and magnificent momentum. Dozens of waterfalls flow down and it is spectacular. The geothermal resources here are very rich. The temperature of many hot springs, such as hot water , small hot water, and magic potion, is rich in trace health elements at 30-70 ° C. The initial development of Shimian County Tourism Company has attracted many tourists, and it still maintains its original bathing style.

The altitude of the scenic area is between 800 meters and 5000 meters. Within tens of kilometers, the plants form a vertical distribution according to the height difference and climate. The landscape is from broad-leaved forest belt to permanent snow belt. The biological resources are very rich. There are more than 2,500 vascular plants and seed plants. Species, including 34 rare plants. There are more than 400 species of wild animals, including rare animals such as white-lipped deer, golden monkey, and red panda, which have high scientific research, scientific popularization, and viewpoint value. Here the mountains are fast, the snow peaks are crystal clear, the lake water is clear and bright, the cliffs are soaring into the clouds, the trees are volleyed, and the rocks are lined with rocks. The boulder cliffs resemble sculptures, tigers and dragons, birds and beasts. Vermiculite abounds. The birds are fragrant in spring, the mountains are full of red leaves in autumn, glaciers can be explored, and the lakeside hot springs are good for leisure.

Xihong House (Camp No. 1) suggested to eat classic grass family chicken, which tastes very good. We just continued the chicken soup 3 times. Free hot spring, the smell of sulfur is not heavy.

The self-service tourist route is Chengdu (Shiyang Station) -Ya an (Ximen Station) -Asbestos (Asbestos Bus Station) -Tianwan You can go by car every day, every 10 minutes

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