Global Travel Card Mysterious Yunnan Travel Shooting a Worth Going

Traveling is the most common way of decompression nowadays. When you choose to travel during holidays, you can relax yourself, relieve yourself of the pressure of work, and feel different customs.

Tourism is the most common way of decompression nowadays. When you choose to travel during holidays, you can relax yourself, relieve yourself of the stress of work, and feel different customs.

Central Asia International Travel Service has focused on providing high-quality tourism products and services for many years. In order to adapt to the current wave of tourism, the Global Travel Card service has been launched. By activating the Global Travel Card, you can enjoy unique travel services, including 3 routes and routes. Thailand, Hainan, Yunnan, Guilin, Hong Kong, Macau and other places, one card can get travel, accommodation and travel for free!

As the first product of the Central Asian Travel Service, the Global Travel Card provides customized services for many enterprises. In each link, it can guarantee the quality of tourism and achieve extremely low prices. By integrating merchant resources, it has a great advantage Cost of travel and improve user travel quality.

Consumers with a global travel card can contact the Gold Medal customer service by scanning the QR code outside the card, card book, jacket, and contact hotline. Submit the information in one sentence, and the Gold Medal customer service will handle it, providing local special car transfers and visas for tourist attractions, You can directly contact the Gold Medal customer service to make a reservation or apply.

Yunnan has always been a place of singing, and the south of the colorful cloud is a household name. Famous tourist destinations in Yunnan are: Shilin, Dali, Lijiang and Shangri-La.

The Shishi Forest Scenic Spot is 120 kilometers away from Kunming and has an area of ​​about 400,000 mu. Shilin is a typical karst landform, formed after billions of years of geological changes. Shi Lin is also the hometown of Asima in the legend of the Yi people. The Shilin Scenic Area is mainly composed of large and small stone forests, Naigu stone forests, Zhiyun Cave, Long Lake, and Dadieshui. The Torch Festival on the 24th of the lunar month is the best time to visit the stone forest.

洱 Dali Erhai has three islands, four continents, and Jiuqu triumphs; it is also one of the four scenic spots in Dali s Fenghuaxueyue . It is said to be named Erhai because it looks like an ear. 洱 The seawater is of good quality and rich in aquatic resources, and it is also a scenic area with 迤逦 scenery.

Chong Chongsheng Temple in Dali is located 1.5 kilometers northwest of the ancient city of Dali in Dali City, Yunnan Province, China.

The ancient town of Shushuhe, also known as the Old Town of Lijiang, is located in the Old Town of Lijiang City, Yunnan Province, China.

Shangri-La in Tibetan means sun and moon in the heart, and the beauty is quite a paradise.

Global Travel Card is a brand of Central Asia International Travel Service. Founded in 2010, it is the pioneer of China s tourism marketing planning. It is a privileged and free travel membership card.It has developed more than 20 exclusive routes for cardholders, covering but not limited to travel, finance, and good things. Through customized services, it improves the customer experience for the entire population. Create an enterprise to serve the ecological future.

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