Glacier East Glacier Tour Ticket and Scenic Spot Introduction

The Goladandong Glacier is located in Tanggula Mountain Township, Golmud City. The highest peak of the Tangula Mountains. Tibetan means high and sharp peaks. It is 50 kilometers long from north to south and 30 kilometers wide from east to west. In addition to the main peak Ke Ladang winter peak, there are more than 40 mountain peaks above 6000 meters above sea level. The glacial area is 790.4 square kilometers. There are 130 glaciers. The height of the snow line is 5570 meters on the north slope, and there is an arc-shaped glacier on the south slope side. Jianggendiru Glacier on the south branch is 12.8 cm in length and 1.6 cm in width. The tail is 5 km. The North Branch Glacier is 10.1 kilometers long and 1.3 kilometers wide, and the ice tower forest is 2 kilometers long at the tail. Ice bridges, ice grasses, ice needles, ice mushrooms, ice lakes, ice stalactites, and other forms of ice tower forest world. There are bison, wild donkeys, Tibetan antelopes, snow pheasants and other ra re animals and crystal stones. The surrounding areas are excellent natural pastures. It is an ideal place for adventure tourism, mountain climbing, adventure hunting and scientific investigation. Gladan winter icebergs belong to mountain glaciers, ice tower forests up to sixty to seventy meters high , silver helmets and white armor, towering into the clouds, one by one, some like pillars of heaven, some like skyscraper crystal buildings, some like swords The cold air pierced into the sky, and some fronts were as diverse as strange towers. In the ice tower forest, there were towering icicles, exquisite and clear ice shoots, ice bridges shaped like rainbows, and mysterious ice caves. There are also ice buckets, ice tongues, ice lakes, ice ditches, silver carvings and jade carvings. The magical axe, the ice is clear and jade, is an extremely beautiful art gallery. In summer and autumn, the mountains are covered with silver, and the wild flowers under the mountains are lush. The iceberg cry stal stone that is more than six kilometers above sea level near Gladan Dongbing Peak is called Jiangyuan Treasure.

Gongoladendong is the most spectacular group of snow mountain sculptures in Tanggula Mountains. The main peak at 6621 meters is located about 80 kilometers west of Tanggulabing Station on the Qinghai-Tibet Highway and about 50 kilometers north of Tanggula Mountain. This area is administratively placed under the jurisdiction of Golmud.

Tagoretan, which means tall and sharp mountains in Tibetan, is also a true horn. It is surrounded by glaciers that are more than 50 kilometers long from north to south and 30 kilometers wide from east to west. There are more than 50 huge glaciers and more than 30 mountain peaks above 6000 meters above the sea. The glacier types of Geladhan are mountain glaciers with various shapes, including ice bridges, icicles, ice shoots, and mysterious ice caves. Below these high glaciers, there are many ice buckets , ice tongues, ice lakes, ice ditches, etc. They are not only an element that adds beauty to Geladhan, but also brings fun and danger to climbers.. Geladhan is one of the peaks that Qinghai Province has opened to the outside world.

The mountain climbing route of Gola Dandong is from south to north, passes through two Tibetan pastoral sites, and is the mountaineering base camp in the southwest direction of the lake to the south of 尕 日 曲.

Other information: From the base camp, there are two climbing routes, one south and one north. The south line passes the north edge of the glacier, and the north line bypasses the mountain peaks at 6,214 meters. These two routes are currently more mature climbing routes.

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