Ghentala Prairie Tours, Tickets and Scenic Spots Introduction

Located in the deep grassland of Ulanqab, 140 kilometers from the autonomous region of Hohhot, the tarmac road stretches like a black ribbon to the tourist spot. It is a national line attraction and has received more than 50 since it was opened to Chinese and foreign tourists in 1979. There are more than 40,000 tourists from various countries and regions, and more than 200,000 domestic tourists.

Today s Ghentala grassland is more beautiful and beautiful, with rich vegetation, undulating hills, waves like horses, golden camels and white clouds like sheep swimming in the green sea, herders on horseback, A thin set of horse poles pointed like a spear at the sky. The traditional yurts and modern yurts complement each other, forming a beautiful and moving picture for the Ghentala grassland.

In August of each year, it is the season for hosting Naadam. The Ghentala tourist spot holds a tour of Nadamu from August 15th to August 25th each year. This time is also a great time to avoid the summer heat.

A grand large-scale temple fair is held here once a year, a small temple fair once a month, and an annual festival for obo festivals. During the observing festivals, you can see the traditional Mongolian wrestling, horse riding, archery and other exciting competitions.

Gegen Tala Grassland is 145 kilometers away from Hohhot, the capital of the autonomous region. It is the only road that Hohhot can go to Xilinhot s 102 Provincial Highway. The road is wide and smooth, and the transportation is convenient. It can be reached by car from Hohhot within 2 hours.

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