German friends traveling to China think these things should be paid attention to most! what is it th

With the continuous development of China s economy, China s status in the world has also improved. I believe friends also know that China is one of the five permanent members in the world. Of course, there is a place in the world. In order to better understand China, many foreign friends will even travel to China for miles. Whenever they come to China to travel, they think that there are some things that should be paid attention to most! Foreign netizens: travelling to China is assured, but there are some precautions!

I believe that everyone also knows that in recent years, a large number of tourists have come to China to travel in person, including friends from all over the world, and of course Germans. However, German friends who come to China for tourism believe that there are several things that you should pay attention to when traveling in China. Have you heard anything? You dont need to bring too many things to travel to China. China is not only a big place, but also very convenient transportation. If you want to buy something, you can buy it directly in the tourist area. Because what you want to buy can be bought locally in China!

In addition, you need to obtain your visa before traveling to China. Otherwise, you may have some trouble during the tour and affect your travel mood! Who said that China has a relatively high safety factor, and few people will check their passports during the process of entry and exit, but it is necessary to get a good visa! German friends who come to China will find that there are many kinds of snacks in China and they are very common. You can even see some vendors selling small stalls often selling some special foods. Friends who have eaten these foods often know that they Not only is it delicious but also cheap, it is also loved by these German friends!

German friends who come to China for tourism will also find that Chinese people can t do without mobile phones. Not only do they pay with their mobile phones when they shop, they often use their phones to order takeaways and shopping on Taobao, which is really convenient. They also express their envy for this convenient life! Of course, not only these precautions mentioned by the editors. After the Germans came to China for tourism, they will find that many customs and habits in China are quite different from their local ones. If they want to adapt better, they need to follow the customs of the country!

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