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Geleshan Forest Park is located in Shapingba District, 16 kilometers away from Chongqing city center. The mountain, water, forest, spring, cave, cloud, fog and other natural landscapes and the style of beautiful, deep, simple, and expansive are known as mountain city emeralds and are known as natural oxygen bar. In 2002 it was rated as the National AAAA Tourist Area, and in 2003 it was named the National Forest Park and Chongqing Sports Theme Park.

Geleshan is named after the princes of Dayu will be on Tushan, and all the guests will be happy to sing here. There are many horseshoe wells, Longquan wells, clever springs, and Ba culture sculpture promenades. Humanities attractions; there are dozens of beautiful and quiet natural landscapes, such as Celestic Lingyin, Genting Smoke Clouds, Lion Peak and Youyan, and has always been a tourist attraction in Bayu. Scholars of all ages and famous officials have loved to explore the Range Rover. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, Guo Moruo, Bing Xin, Lao She, and Zang Kejia all left many famous phrases on the mountain; during the capital period, Chiang Kai-shek, Lin Sen, Feng Yuxiang and others set up official residences on the mountain and left a lot of inscriptions. Geleshan Therefore, it has rich historical and cultural connotations.

Under the guidance of the National Mountaineering Association, Geleshan Forest Park has developed the largest outdoor climbing ground in the southwest-Gele climbing, and has been designated as a climbing training base by the Chongqing Adventure Association; it is located in the fairy lake between the mountains., Also named as Chongqing Fishing Association Fishing Base by Chongqing Fishing Association. As China s first forest sports park, Geleshan Forest Park has also launched a number of sports and leisure projects, including Gele flying, forest cross-country karts, aerial adventure mazes, cross-country mountain biking, Yuanyuan Forest Climbing, and Merry Forest Forest Climbing. And it has built Chongqing s first accompanying capital cultural exhibition hall, integrating sports fitness, entertainment and leisure with culture, showing the infinite charm of Geleshan sports and leisure tourism.

In order to better highlight the characteristics of resources and make full use of the advantages of resources, Geleshan Forest Park is organized around the Golden Days of May 1st, 11th, and Spring Festival. It is a mass sports and fitness activity that integrates tourism, fitness, and entertainment, such as the Chongqing Geleshan Tourism and Culture Festival, which includes many events, the Celestial Masters 掰 Wrist Competition, Chongqing University Student Rock Climbing Competition, Darts Competition, Song Leshan Ten Thousand People Mountaineering Festival, Geleshan May Day Sports Grand Competition, Geleshan Triathlon, Guinness Challenge, Gele Mountain Mountain Bike Cross Country Race, Climbing Car Skill Competition, Red Rock Danger Mountaineering Race, Aerial Maze Expeditions, etc. The hosting of various events has attracted many tourists from all over the country to Geleshan for sightseeing and participation in fitness and leisure activities.

Next, Geleshan Forest Park will also develop and expand training bases, camping clubs and other projects, introduce and host Taijiquan, orienteering competitions and higher-level chess and card, mountain climbing, cycling, go-kart and other events, and strive to build The Geleshan Sports and Leisure Center brand has built the Geleshan Forest Park into a beautiful and healthy fitness and leisure place with a prominent theme and beneficial to the physical and mental health of citizens.

The fees for foreign-related hotels with a three-star rating or higher are generally above 300 yuan, and their living, sanitary, and entertainment conditions are superior. The fees for one- and two-star hotels are between 100 and 300 yuan, and basic service facilities are complete. The fees for hotels and guesthouses are generally between It ranges from 20 to 200 yuan, and some also have a chase shop around 10 yuan.

When I arrived at Geleshan, the first thing to eat was spicy chicken. Spicy chicken, as the name suggests, is looking for a little bit of chicken in a pile of spicy chicken. One of them is Linzhongle Spicy Chicken which is the first in the country.

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