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Gaotai ancient pine is located on the side of Biluo Peak of Gaotai Temple at an altitude of more than 1200 meters. They are staggered and vigorous. According to Nanyuezhi: This ancient pine was planted by the famous Jiangxi scholar Luo Hongxian (character Nianxun ) during the Jiajing period of Ming Dynasty, so it is also called Nianxun Song. On the rocks of Nanaji Matsushita, there are couplets and Song monument engraved with the words the sky is the tent and the ground is the felt, and the moon is accompany me to sleep . Today, Gaotai Gusong is over 400 years old, still standing upright and full of vitality, it is the most magnificent wonder on Nanyue Mountain.

When the monk Chu Shi was meditating in the clearing ground in Yuanming Cave, Nanyue, Jiangxi scholar Luo Hongxian came to Nanyue to win. When they came to Yuanmingdong, they met the monks from Chu Shi. In the narrative, the two talked about each other with flowers. Luo Hongxian first read the philosophical poems of the monks of Chu Shi, and he was greatly appreciated. Luo Hongxian s

After the words If you don t hide, you will see far. I think that this insight is in line with the Buddhism s sense of truth that the Buddhist monk learned when he removed the magic barrier. So the two respected each other and became close friends.

Luo Luohong first visited the scenery of Nanyue and went back to Jiangxi. The monk Chu Shi restored the ancient Gaotai Temple above Yuanming Cave. Chu Shi monk tried his best to build the ancient temple, and saw that it was done. So he invited Luo Hong, a foreign friend, to come to Nanyue first. Just at this time, Luo Hongxian s fellow friend, Hengyang Huangmen Zhulang Zhu Yong, the study hall built on Yunfeng was inaugurated, and he also invited Luo Hongxian. Two letters were invited , and Luo Hong was glad to make it. Before leaving, he carefully selected six young Pinus sylvestris var. Mongolica on Mount Lushan as gifts to Zhu Yong and Chu Shi. He first hit Hengyang, went to Fengfeng, congratulated Zhu Yong s newly -built school, and gave Zhu Yong three young pines. He also said: After the other three pines were sent to Chushi in Gaotai Temple of Nanyue, they would come together again.

Luo Hong came up to the mountain first, and once he met, he congratulated him: High Chuchu, accompanied by Lusong. Chu Shi saw the distant three-cylinder pine trees, and couldn t help but thank each other and said, The door is the South China Sea. See Putuo. After the two entered the new temple and shared their goodwill, they discussed how to plant the three pine trees. After that, the two went out of the temple gate and chose to dig a hole in the hillside above Guanyin Rock on the right side of the temple to plant pine. After the tree hole was dug, Luo Hongxian and Chu Shi held the young Huangshan pine tree with the Lushan soil in both hands and placed it in the tree hole. After they planted the three Gongsong pines, they returned happily to the temple. So the three pines from Lushan took root on the top of Nanyue, buried their friendship, bathed in the sunshine of prosperity, thrived and thrived.

Today, Lushan pine, which was planted by Chu Shi and Luo Hongxian, stands proudly next to Gaotai Temple and is lush all year round. Zhang Zhi stretched out, his spirits were shaking, and he smiled and welcomed the children to heaven, just like the hospitable elders. Later generations remembered Chu Shi and Luo Hongxian s saying that they would use the nature of the pine to unite their hearts, and they called the three Huangshan pines Nianxun pine . Still on the rock under the chanting pine tree , the couplet The sky is the tent and the ground is the felt, and the moon and the pine are sleeping with me is erected and a stone monument is erected. During the Qing Dynasty scholar Zheng Fukang s tour of the Gaotai Temple , he wrote and prefaced a poem entitled Protect the Pine. Shi Yun: The pine trees are lush and green in the south, and the mountain is famous for three hundred years. The migration of Linggu has not changed, and Xueshuangsi is stronger . The branches of Ke Kelong are thin and thin, and the rocky cypresses are full of dreams. The tree planter is still a monument. This poem can be said to be a testament to this historical story.

The best time to travel: The temperature is high throughout the year, the rainfall is basically low, the sunshine is low, the winter is warm and the summer is cool. The contrast between winter and spring was severe. The rainy season was rainy, with local floods. It was cold in spring and cold in September..

Accommodation: You can stay at the top of the mountain; Hengyang has high-, medium-, and low-grade reception facilities, and the daily reception capacity can reach 10,000 people. Among them are the Mojingtai Hotel, Fortune Villa, Telecom Hotel, Yinyuan Hotel, Phoenix Hotel and other hotels, as well as a large number of family hotels, summer resorts and farmhouses.

Cuisine: Nanyue Zhai Xi: Nanyue is a Buddhist resort, and the production of Zhai Xi has long been famous. All major jungle and restaurant inns are good at making. Eggplants, beans, flour, lotus root, radish, and melons are used as raw materials to imitate chicken, fish, meat, and eggs, and a banquet with the same name as the food is made to the extent that it is fake. The taste is fresh and tender, which is not matched by amaranth. In Nanyue s fasting, there are usually the so-called Yipinxiang, Erdumei (mildew), Sanxiantang, Sijiqing, Wudeng (Stew), Liuzilian, seven floors, eight bowls, nine Ruyi, ten sceneries.

Shopping: Hengyang lotus leaf rice: traditional rural cuisine. According to legend, it has a history of more than a thousand years. The method is as follows: high-quality rice is mixed with water and raw oil, steamed, cooked into rice, and cooled. Eggs are cooked and sliced, chopped chives, lean pork, barbecued pork, shrimp, chicken, duck, shiitake and finely chopped, mixed with salt and wrapped in loose rice, then wrapped in fresh lotus leaves and steamed Ready to serve. Packed rice is yellow and white, oily and shiny, full of fragrance, soft and refreshing, oily but not greasy. It has the effects of quenching thirst, regenerating, refreshing, clearing heart, improving lungs and increasing appetite. It is a unique medicated health food with more flavor than when the lotus leaves are lush in summer. The lotus leaves are all in the lotus pond, and the sisters have always been busy picking. Without picking lotus leaves, lotus leaves are more delicious than flowers. It is the true portr ayal of Caihe cooking.

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