Gao Yi Tomb Tourism

Ya an Hanyu Museum is located. In Hanbei Village, Yaoqiao Town, Yucheng District, Ya an City. The tomb of Gao Yi and his brother Gao Shi, the patriarch of Yizhou in the Eastern Han Dynasty, is the most complete and exquisite stone preserved stone in the country, and is one of the first national key cultural relics protection units. It was built in the 14th year of the Eastern Han Dynasty (209 years). The two centipedes are 13.6 meters apart, with Gao Jun and Song monuments and giant stones between them. The north wall of the two emperors has an inscription onscribed on the cymbals. The east emperor is the Han Dynasty s governor of the Taizhou Wuyin Order, and the historical filial piety of the filial piety of Gaojun is used by the west emperor. Give filial piety to Gao Jun. At present, the upper part of the main part of the east part and the sub-parts of the main part are destroyed, while the main part and sub-parts of the west part are kept intact. The main salamander of the Xiqia o is about 6 meters high, and the zangzi is 3.39 meters high. It is a double-eave five-ridge type imitation wood structure building, which is stacked with multiple pieces of red long quartz sandstone. Each corner of the fighting arch is carved by a unicorn, and the borders of the south and north are carved by one. The top floor is engraved with aristocratic life scenes including noble travel, car cover relaxation, feast drinking and music, as well as Zhang Liangzi s Qin Emperor, Gaozu cutting snakes, Ji Gui hanging swords, Historical stories such as Shi Kuang s drum harp, the middle layer is carved with nine-tailed foxes, three-legged horses, dragons and tigers, and finches. It is a precious cultural relic for studying the architectural art, plastic art and earthquake history of the Han Dynasty.

It is 13 meters high, with a height of about 6 meters, a width of 1.6 meters, and a thickness of 0.9 meters. The 7-layer child has a height of 3.39 meters, a width of 1.3 meters, and a thickness of 0.5 meters. 阙 Stacked with red sand quartz rock, the top of the imitation is similar to the Han Dynasty wooden structure building, with corner posts and buckets; 阙 body has three car guides, and carts such as Wu Bo, Qi Biao, and Qian Li in front of the car. There are five layers on the first layer, one relief and one relief on each of the north and south sides, and a corner of the god is carved under the corner; the second layer of reliefs includes Zhang Liangxi Qinhuang , Gaozu cut snake , Shi Kuang Drums and other historical stories and myths and legends such as nine-tailed foxes, three-legged birds, etc.; The third layer is a pattern of human and beast fighting ; the fourth layer is tilted outwards, and the reliefs are Tianma, Dragon, Tiger , etc.; 24 gimmicks are carved on all sides of the fifth floor, and inscribed with the inscription License of Han Dynasty Yizhou Taishou Yin Pingdu Wei Wuyang Lingbei government filial piety Xiaolian Gaojun (Fang), the center of the spine carved a Peng.

Gaoyi Tomb 阙 Transportation: It is located in the Yaoqiao New District of Ya an City Construction, from the Jinjiguan exit of the Chengdu-Ya an Expressway, through the entrance, and close to the south side of the city avenue of Yaoqiao.

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