Gansu Travel Guide: Gannan Strategy

The eighth to sixteenth day of the first lunar month after the Spring Festival is the day when rituals are held in monasteries in Gannan, and it is also the most lively time. At that time, there will be festivals such as Liangbao Festival, Fangsheng Festival , Confucian Classics, Buddha s Festival, Dancing Dance Dance, Butter Lantern Show, Zhuanqiangba. During this time in Gannan, you can see various rituals and religious rituals in the temples such as Labrang Temple, Langmu Temple, Gerdi Temple, and Xicang Temple .

The religious activities during the Luzheng month meeting not only attracted the Tibetans in the region, but also attracted Buddhists from neighboring provinces. They may ride a carriage or ride horses or hike, bring their children and daughters, put on the most beautiful flower robes and accessories, bring fresh butter, fried noodles and other items, and offer a sincerity. Some also have long heads, prayer wheels, prayers, and prayers.

Summer in Gannan is the best season. June, July, and August are extremely hot and hard, but it is cool and pleasant in Gannan. The temperature is always around 15-30 degrees Celsius, and the savannah is full of Gesang flowers.

Tibetans at the Langshan Festival have set up beautiful small tents on the slopes. On the green grass, beside the river, there are herds of cows and sheep grazing. It is like a paradise against the blue sky and white clouds. Like that: white clouds float in the blue sky, and horses run under the white clouds.

At that time, there are also very unique ethnic festivals on the grassland, such as the Niangni Festival on April 15th, the Tibetan Flower Picking Festival on the 5th of May, the Lotus Flower Festival on the 6th of June, the Arrow Insertion Festival on the 16th, and the 6th. The fragrance wave festival in the middle of the month and the bathing festival on the sixth day of July. Herdsmen on the grassland hold folk events such as jockey clubs, elephant tug of war, and yak racing.

If you are interested, you can visit the herder s tent freely. The warm and hospitable Tibetan compatriots greet you into the tent. First, you can get a cup of fragrant milk tea, and then sing a song of toast, let you drink a bowl of nectar-like barley wine, and then let you taste the buttery bar. Finally, I will bring you a plate of freshly-made lamb, so that you can enjoy a large bowl of meat, a large piece of meat-style hand-picked Tibetan food.

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