Gan Haizi tour, tickets and scenic spots introduction

After leaving Yufeng Temple Wanduo Camellia, head east to the Snow Mountain Highway, and continue to drive north. As the highway changes, you also obviously feel like climbing up. After crossing a mountain love, you enter the open alpine meadow. This is Gan Haizi, about 25 kilometers from Lijiang County, has carpeted grass here, which is directly from the foot of Yulong Mountain in the west to the far sky.

First, Gan Haizi is located in the eastern part of Yulong Snow Mountain. From the height of the sea, the whole view of Yulong Snow Mountain can be seen as the nearest and best place. The thirteen peaks of Yulong Snow Mountain are arranged in order from north to south. Soaring and glimmering, especially the main peak fan is steep, like an open fan, cut into the sky, magnificent. You can also remotely watch the snow-green glaciers that are winding down above the snow line, and use the telescope to overlook the modern green glacier spectacle.

The second is that Gan Haizi is a natural meadow pasture. The terrain is gentle and undulating. There is a low pine tree scattered on the wide meadow. At your feet is a grassland covered with grass and trees. From time to time, there are cattle walking by. Ranch scenery. Lined with snow mountain vistas, this is the place to think about taking pictures.

Twenty-three is Gan Haizi s star-studded numerous tourist facilities, which are convenient for past visitors. Here you can participate in sports such as bone sliding, sand sliding, grass sliding, paragliding, racing, horse racing, traction and landing.

Transportation: Charter a car to Yulong Snow Mountain for 60-100 yuan / day (if you are lucky, some drivers can take you directly to the attractions); you can also take bus No. 7 from Red Sun Plaza near the water tanker to Yulong Snow Mountain, 15 Yuan / person. Of course, tourists can also take the ropeway company s bus up the hill and depart every morning at the Guluwan Hotel.

Food: If the tourists are in the mountains and they happen to meet the local Yi people to sell chicken fir, the price is cheap, about 15 yuan / bag, I suggest you buy some back, you can go to a nearby restaurant and let the owner fry a plate of chicken fir meat, Very tasty. This chicken fir is a fungus treasure and can be purchased for hundreds of yuan in Kunming.

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