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Furong Cave, Chongqing Wulong, China National 4A Tourist Area, China National Key Scenic Area, China National Geological Park, China is the only place to be nominated as a cave for World Natural Heritage. Its huge caves and rich cave sediments have not only conquered cave experts from all over the world, but also attracted many tourists.

The Furong Cave is a large limestone cave formed in the Quaternary Pleistocene (about 1 million years ago) and developed in the ancient Cambrian dolomite limestone. The stable temperature inside the cave is 16.1 degrees. The main cave of Furong Cave is 2500 meters in length , 1,860 meters in the tour path, and has a base width of 12-15 meters and a maximum width of 69.5 meters. The height of the cave is generally 8-25 meters and a maximum of 48.3 meters. The area is over 1,000 square meters. The maximum static and passenger capacity of the entire Furong Cave is 185,000 people.

Various types of secondary chemical deposits in the cave (Speleothems, that is, carbonates and sulfates in Furong Cave) are rich in variety, including almost all types of stalactites, reaching more than 70 types. Such as: stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone curtains (small ones are stone mantles), stone waterfalls, stone flags, stone belts, stone shields, stone grapes, coral crystal flowers, etc. Its mineral composition is mainly calcite and gypsum, as well as aragonite and hydromagnesite. Most of them are numerous in number, perfect in shape (acicular, filamentous, strand-like, bun-like, etc.) and widely distributed in texture. Most of the current findings in China are unique, and some The type is more rare in the country and rare in the world.

A rich landscape composed of more than 70 secondary chemical deposits. Professor Zhu Xuewen, chairman of the Chinese Cave Research Association, commented: Furong Cave is a splendid underground art palace. Australian Cave Association experts praised The beautiful palm-shaped stalagmites, red coral ponds and gypsum flowers in Furong Cave belong to the world. Super landscape. Andy, president of the World Cave Association, called it one of the best caves in the world. In 1994, Furong Cave was named the first of more than 100 karst caves in China. It was named the King of Caves and is considered the most beautiful scenery underground. It has not only high tourism value, aesthetic value, but also a series of stratigraphy, mineralogy, geomorphology, hydrology, geochemistry, biology, fourth geology, paleoclimatology and paleoenvironment, archeology, etc. The scientific aspect of this field is of great research value.

Furong Cave is divided into three major scenic areas. The first scenic area is dominated by colorful and high-profile areas, while the second and third scenic areas are dominated by science and color. Inside the cave are abounding, more than 30 main commentary spots in the step-by-step landscape, including more than 10 super-class attractions at home and abroad, especially the giant stone waterfalls that are 15.76 meters wide and 21.04 meters high; the area is 32 square meters Coral Yao Pond with a water depth of 0.8 meters, in a period of vigorous growth; 120 cm long and 124 cm perimeter the source of life; the king of vigorously growing stone flowers; five unique canine teeth crystal stones, the rare treasures of world cave landscape.

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