Furong Ancient City Tour, China Tour

This is really an ancient city with a novel and clever idea: outside the whole community, there is a tall and majestic city wall, and a moat that winds and twists around the city. The narrowest part of this river is also 8 The rice is wide, the river bank is weeping willows, and the birds are fragrant.

Entering the ancient city, those ancient streets that only exist in memory have appeared in front of people: a restaurant, tea shop, snack bar with ancient customs and ancient charms opened the door, the curtains fluttered, the tea fragrant tea, in the craft products street, each This antique collection is full of shops, and it seems to be quietly telling a long story. According to reports, the street layout in the Old City is the appearance of the Ming and Qing dynasties, and the old traditional Chengdu building Imperial City, The Mingyuan Tower and To the Public Hall can also be simulated and reproduced. The main street of the Old City is slanted through the city and has a total length of 1,000 meters. The carriage down can bring passersby into the dusk mood described in countless poems. In the Old City, there are alleys and blue stone roads in the alleys. In the rainy season, you may wish to hold a paper umbrella (you can buy it on the street of handicrafts on the street ) and feel the feelings of Rain Lane.

The buildings in the city are surrounded by trees. The western Sichuan dwellings, Jiangsu dwellings, Yunnan dwellings, and Tangfeng buildings form an independent and interactive garden living system. The garden buildings shift the landscape The essence is exerted to the extreme . Looking at the past from every angle, it is a scene of its own. These dwellings all use traditional courtyards. The courtyards, courtyards and terraces are connected by corridors (named Pingbu Gallery). The residential courtyards in the Old City are also cleverly distributed with streams, lakes and water The area actually reached more than 30,000 square meters, the largest one covering an area of ​​4,000 square meters. The building was built next to the lake.

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