Fun places to visit in September in China

1. Panjin red beach, Liaoning Province: the most beautiful sea of blood

In April and may, Suaeda salsa grows on the ground. In September and October, it slowly turns from green to red and purple. It spreads like a giant scarlet carpet on the flat beach stretching for more than 100 li. Birds such as red crowned cranes and black billed gulls sometimes row over more than 20 square kilometers of wetland reeds, breaking the endless peace.

2. Kanas, Xinjiang: infinite northern scenery

Kanas has not only the majestic scenery of the north, but also the delicate scenery of the south. Different plant communities have distinct color layers. In September every year, especially, golden, red and dark green are all colorful. With the change of weather, different colors are changed every day. Romantic birch forest, primitive Tuwa village and color changing Kanas Lake are all charming scenery.

3. Ejina, Inner Mongolia: the miracle of burning life

Ejina is one of the three remaining Populus euphratica forests in the world, with 380000 mu of Populus euphratica forests distributed along the desert. Just after August, it ushered in the best day of Ejina. The leaves of Populus euphratica became golden and fiery, just like a burning sea in the desert. Any words were pale and powerless in the golden yellow.

4. Linzhi, Tibet: the soft and beautiful place of Tibetan style

In September, the highland barley inlaid in the field of Linzhi was soaked in golden yellow. When the wind swept, the Golden Ocean surged. At this time, strolling in basongcuo lake, as if in the colorful forest, looking across the bank, the snow capped mountain stands in the sky. Blue sky, white snow, colorful forest and lake are shining in front of each other.

5. Yading, Daocheng, Sichuan: the color tone of the earth

The first ten days of September is the early autumn of Daocheng. A large area of plateau meadow is changing from eye-catching green to charming golden. On the way from Daocheng to Yading, you will pass through the most beautiful colorful forest belt in Western Sichuan and experience the magical four seasons change; the mobile herds on Luorong cattle farm are dotted in a golden yellow, like floating clouds, which are very beautiful.

6. Taklimakan Desert, Xinjiang: a picture of proud desert

Many people’s fantasies about the desert begin with Sanmao. The desert Populus euphratica brings the breath of life to the Taklimakan Desert in the sea of death. In autumn, the golden Populus euphratica forest, together with three or five groups of camels, draws a picture of the desert on the vast, vast and barren sand ridge.

7. Dangjayongcuo in Tibet: a trance and a world

You must know Namucuo, but you may not have heard of dangeyongcuo. This is an extremely low-key holy lake in Tibet. Its lake is very clear blue, along the lake every step, the color will change, it can be described as a trance a world. Whenever the sun sets, the whole lake will be turned into pink, mysterious.

8. ALSHAN, Inner Mongolia: the mottled world after autumn rain

In fact, ALSHAN is not a mountain, where grassland and forest sea are connected, snow mountain and hot spring coexist. At the beginning of September every year, after an autumn rain, the original flourishing green field is suddenly mottled. Birch forest is shaking brilliant yellow, larch is proudly stretching green, wild fruit is coagulating intoxicating red A charming scene.

9. The red earth of Dongchuan, Yunnan: God’s overturned palette

Red earth, discolored plants, different shapes, beautiful lines, against the blue sky, white clouds and the unpredictable light, Dongchuan red earth is a gorgeous discolored oil painting! Especially in September every year, the land is dotted with various mature crops. It is colorful. If there is a thin layer of fog, it is fairyland. PS: the most beautiful scenery is concentrated in qicaipo, Jinxiuyuan, luoxiagou, qiannianlongshu, damakan, lepu’ao, etc.

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