Fujian Travel Guide: Xiamen Travel Guide

On the first day, flew to Xiamen. Take the No. 27 bus from the airport to the ferry station. Take a ferry to Gulangyu (no money when you go, pay 8 yuan / person back). Don t call a tour guide or take a bottle car. Disembark from Gulangyu Pier, walk 100 meters to the left, and go to a youth hostel (No. 18 Lujiao Road) on a slope of 50 meters on the right hand and check in. One double room, 120 / day for members, 150 / day for non-members. Stay for a day and engage with him to see if you can use the membership price. Then go to Longtou Road for snacks. Eat fish balls at Gulangyu Fish Ball Shop, 62 Longtou Road. Ask where the dragon head fish head soup is, and his shark ball is good. The golden fragrant meat at No. 95 Longtou Road is filled with whole slices of meat for free. You can buy some meat and pork back. BBC Private Royal Bakery Shop, No. 143 Longtou Road, this mom and dad make their own cakes, stir-fried one day in advance and make cakes the next day. I tasted black bean paste, m inced meat, pumpkin, all worth eating. Similarly, BBC s special French fries are served with pasta sauce and latte is also good, a hot drink called Maserati, which combines the flavor of milk tea and ginger tea, 22 yuan cup. The only shop on Ye s Mochi Island near the Xinhua Bookstore in the center of Longtou Commercial Street, which can be set up by the government with permission, is the ancestral mochi of the Ye family s father. Yuanyuan is a bit like Shanghai s double-brew group, but it is covered with peanuts and sesame powder on the outside. Long Tou Road No. 198, the noodle paste, is the rice noodle soup with pepper, a bit of a paste. There is duck blood in it , so you can choose gastronomy sticks, braised eggs and so on. Beizi cake at 302 Longtou Road. It s delicious, it s better than Shanghai salty and sweet flatbread, and it s salty has curry flavor. It sa family workshop. It is 5 yuan salty and 1 yuan sweet. The bowl cake at No. 31 Haitan Road is more fragrant and softe r than Fuling cake. The boss and his wife said that this is an ancestral craft, made of pure white sugar, not saccharin. It can be stored for two or three days without breaking or hardening. It is also a family workshop. There is no facade, just a small table, white cakes are made in porcelain bowls, and one is poured one at a time. Hai Li Jian is like the oil dumplings in Shanghai. It is relatively large. Hai Li is wrapped in flour and you can taste it for 1 yuan. If you can t eat all of a sudden, you can stay to eat at night. Then go to Haoyue Garden (ticket 15), Xinzhuang Garden (ticket 30) to Xinzhuang Garden, you must go to Gulangyu Piano Museum, which is known as the only one in China. The Duyue Pavilion on the forty-four bridge is the best point for viewing the sea in Xinzhuang. Built in 1913, it is located in the southern part of Gulangyu Island, facing the sea ​​and leaning back to Sunlight Rock. It was originally a private villa named by the local gentleman Lin Erjia. The owner of the garden named the garden with the homonym of his word shuzang. It was dedicated to the park in 1955.

Xinzhuang Garden is cleverly laid out using natural terrain. The whole garden is divided into two parts: the Tibetan Sea Garden and the Bushan Garden. The scenes are arranged in an orderly manner. The garden is at sea and the sea is in the garden. It has both the exquisite elegance of the Jiangnan Garden and the seagulls. The majesty of the flight is magnificent, and the dynamic and static contrasts complement each other. The park also has forty-four bridges and twelve cave days.

The Piano Museum was provided by Mr. Hu Youyi, an Australian piano collector who originally resided in Gulangyu Island, and provided 30 ancient pianos to show the history of piano development in the world, to spread knowledge of piano music, promote Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges, and to highlight the image of Gulangyu Music Island and Piano Village. The 19th century German and Austrian pianos are on display. They are all private collections of Mr. Hu and are free for visitors to visit. Go to Riguangyan to find out what time tomorrow morning is half price, and plan to visit Riguangyan tomorrow morning. Then stroll around the island, have dinner, and return to the hotel to rest.

Visit Visit Nikko Rock in the early morning on the second day. Check back at the hotel. Take the ferry back to Xiamen and take route 2, or 531, or 503 and get off at Xiamen University Village. Send a text message 13950188952 to No . 63 Yanwu Road (opposite the west gate of Xiamen University) to contact the staff of Xiamen Travel Friends Home and ask them to pick it up. There are 99 yuan, 108 yuan and 118 yuan. I am optimistic about booking for 2 days. You can book a ticket to the Sun Moon Valley Hot Spring at 2 o clock tomorrow with the boss, 85 yuan / person. It can be on Jinbang Road at noon, but the house number is No. 14 of Hubin Sanli No. 2 (the “No. 1 of 2” house number is unique, and Gulangyu Island is an absolute one). The grilled oysters and eggplants are notorious. In the afternoon, I will visit Xiamen University. Then go to the Baicheng school gate, reach the roundabout road, and stretch the seaside for about 200 meters to Hulishan Fort. For dinner, you can take a taxi to Z eng Luan s seaside stall on Huandao East Road. Every day, it is open from 6pm to midnight. Four. Five dishes are more than 100 yuan. The owner of Ahchuan stall is very happy to check out. Always pull the odds out. Fried sea oysters are worth eating. You can try dry fried larvae, frozen bamboo shoots, deep-fried spiced sticks, and fried laos. They have freshly squeezed corn juice for 20 yuan per bar, but I don t think it is delicious. Eat vegetarian fast in the temple. Putuo Temple deep-fried spiced sticks, fried laos, play at Hulishan Fort.

Visit the South Putuo Temple (with a good swimsuit) in the morning on the third day, and eat vegetarian vegetarian noodles in the temple. Very famous, but the price is very expensive, and more people are more cost-effective. Buy two boxes of vegetarian cakes and try them. The taste is good, there are mung bean, coconut, pumpkin and other flavors, which can be brought back as gifts. Exiting the temple before 12:30 is the bus terminal of Xiamen University. There is No. 1 bus directly to SM City Plaza. The parking lot diagonally opposite KFC in SM City Plaza has a striking Sun Moon Valley Hot Spring logo on the body. Take the 14:00 shuttle to the hot spring. The drive from SM Square to Riyuegu Hot Spring takes 40 minutes. Riyuegu Hot Spring is a place opened by Taiwanese people. It is an open garden hot spring imitating Southeast Asia, with more than 40 pools. Ponds with various flowers: osmanthus, roses …; all kinds of wine: white wine, rice wine, red wine, beer; there are various tea ponds, fruit ponds, coffee, milk, coconut milk, etc. That s cool. It is best not to spend more than 20 minutes in each hot spring. Finally, you can lie on the slate hot spring and take a nap. You can do a foot and head massage in the slate hot spring. There is free tea supply everywhere in the park. It is recommended to drink plenty of water. Soaking hot springs consumes body water. If you are hungry, you can order snacks. You can try hot spring eggs (2 yuan for 5 yuan), which is very interesting. The protein is flowing, the egg yolk is cooked thoroughly, and a little soy sauce is delicious.

Then take the shuttle bus back. If necessary, you can go to Wal-Mart in SM Plaza to buy something and take it away. You can go to Huang Zehe on 22 Zhongshan Road for snacks. Peanut soup, grilled pork noodles, prawn noodles , fried dumplings fried, fried spiced, leek box, squid squid, flat food (that is, Shanghai s wonton, or southern wonton and noodles cooked together), duck porridge. Not necessarily all. Then you can go to Baicaoyuan Guiling Cream and Herbal Tea on Zhongshan Road.

On the fourth day, you can check out and leave your luggage at the owner, Kobayashi. Take route 18 from the starting station to Xiamen University to the terminal station. Jimei first visited Aoyuan. The 10-yuan ticket included the tomb of Chen Jiageng , founder of Xiamen University and Jimei University. It contains a special area for the egret to prevent tourists from harming them. There are free bell shows, three shows. It is short, but the Yellow Crane Tower is worth listening to. If you want to listen more, you have to pay, 20-50 yuan per song. Eaten at the Guankou Roast Shop on Jimei Road (not far from the College of Finance and Economics), you can order the platter, sea clam fried, where the sea clam fried is very delicious, and the sea clam fried there is very delicious It s much better than in Xiamen. You can pick chicken feet and chicken wings in the future. You cant handle the pigs well. The environment is not good. You can turn around in Jimei according to time. The fli ght is at 17:00 in the evening, and you need to arrive at the airport 1 hour in advance. Back to the hotel to get luggage, you can take route 27 back to the airport. There are gears at the main entrance of Xiamen University to eat, and then go to the airport if time is enough.

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