Fujian Travel Guide: Xiamen-Putian-Quanzhou

D1: At 9:20 in the evening, take a luxury sleeper bus from Guangzhou to Xiamen at Tianhe Bus Station. The journey takes about 9 hours and the fare is 220 yuan / person.

D2: Arrive at Xiamen at 6:00 in the morning. Stay at the New Sun City Hotel near the train station. The standard room is 120 yuan. After dropping your luggage, go to the train station and take bus No. 1 (1 yuan / person) to Xiamen University. Xia Da is beautiful and worth visiting. After the tour, you will arrive at the Nanputuo Temple next to the university. The ticket is 3 yuan / person. You can see Gulangyu Island and the Botanical Garden from the highest peak. After lunch, take Line 20 (1 yuan / person) to Hulishan Fort, and the ticket is 25 yuan / person. There is nothing special except that you can look at Jinmen and many cultural relics. After the tour, take bus No. 48 to the ferry terminal and take a boat to Gulangyu Island. The ferry is charged only when returning to the sea, 3 yuan / person. Tickets for Riguangyan on the island are 60 yuan / person, Haoyue Garden is 10 yuan / person, Xinzhuang Garden is 20 yuan / person. If you buy these three packages, it is 80 yuan / person . We walked around the island and walked around for about an hour. We were able to enjoy the local customs more when we shuttled between the houses. Then, in the sunset, a speedboat circled Gulangyu Island. The speedboat costs 100 yuan and seats 6 people. We partner with other tourists for about 16 yuan / person. Dinner was eaten at a restaurant by the sea, all seafood, taste good, but remember to bargain.

D3: Take a bus at the railway station (2 yuan / person) to Jimei. After getting off, take a tricycle to Aoyuan. You can bargain to 5 yuan. Tickets are 10 yuan / person. The architecture here is very local and can be appreciated slowly. After coming out, go to the coach station (about 30 minutes walk from Aoyuan) and take a bus to Putian. The ticket is 45 yuan / person. Accommodation in Kamata is cheaper, there are many hotels near the bus station , and the standard room is 80 yuan. After taking the bus to South Shaolin, the total ticket is 6 yuan / person and the ticket is 5 yuan / person. South Shaolin is definitely not worth going because it has just been rebuilt and the buildings are very new, and only three main halls have been built due to insufficient funding. In the evening, stroll to the center of Kamata.

D4: Take a bus at the bus station to Mazu Temple on Meizhou Island. The fare is 8 yuan / person. The entrance ticket and ferry ticket are 25 + 6 yuan per person (the so-called entry island ticket is very unreasonable , it is like a random charge, because after entering the island, you have to buy a ticket to any attractions!) In addition, the ferry runs every hour. The entrance fee to Mazu Park is 10 yuan / person. (Recommendation: Cross the road to the left after exiting the pier. There is a stone ladder. Turn up the ladder and turn left. Then walk along the mountain road for about 10 minutes to enter the park for free.) You can also go to an undeveloped beach along this road. There are few tourists, it is clean, and the scenery is beautiful. You don t need to go to that golden beach. There are two private small restaurants on the beach, you can rest in a hammock and taste fresh seafood, not too expensive. The ticket for the island is 6 yuan / person. When returning to Putian City b y car, you should pay attention not to say a word to those who are soliciting. Those people are very barbaric. If you give a response, you must take his car, otherwise they will stop and let go Hit people. This is a terrible sight. At the bus station to Quanzhou in the afternoon, 19 yuan / person. It was more than five o clock in Quanzhou, and I stayed at the Bell Tower Hotel near Kaiyuan Temple, 80 yuan / room. Then went to inquire about the bus to Wuyishan.

D5: Kaiyuan Temple was visited at 8 o clock. This ancient temple has a vicissitudes of life. At about 12 o clock, go to the new station by car to Wuyishan. The ticket is 115 yuan / person. The train from Quanzhou to Wuyishan only runs once a day, and it s early in the morning. Because I can t catch up, I have to go by car. The car also runs once a day. It s important to remind you not to go by car if possible, because too many mountain roads are dangerous. Arrive at 11 pm, stay at a private hotel near the station, 60 yuan / room.

D6: Take a bus to Wuyishan Scenic Area after breakfast, 1.5 yuan / person, book a room at Highway Villa, the hotel room price is more than 200 yuan, but actually only 60 yuan can live. After dropping your luggage, take the bus to Xingcun Wharf. It is very convenient to drive to various attractions in the scenic area. There are a lot of noodles and you have to bargain, usually 3-4 yuan / person. It is nice to take a bamboo raft at the pier to visit Jiuquxi. Because we are individual travellers, we have to partner with the travel team. There are 6 people in a row. The cost is 432 yuan and 72 yuan per person. But gathering a group of so-called middlemen at the ticket office (that is, people who specialize in joining individual customers into the team) are forced to make 8 yuan / person. I dont want to give this money because they are crowded and the team will surge as soon as they arrive , making it impossible for individual customers to join the team directly. After the tour to Tian you Peak, the ticket is 64 yuan / person. It should be noted that when eating in the scenic area, each dish must be bargained and the price written down, so as not to kill the shopkeeper after a meal, and the person only talks about money, which is very brutal.

D7: Travel to Tiger Xiaoyan in the morning, first-line sky scenic spot, tickets are 23 yuan / person. It s going to be early for the first-line days. Travel to Shaowu by car, 16 yuan / person, return to Guangzhou by train, 122 yuan for hard seat, 235 yuan for hard sleeper.

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