Fujian travel guide: Wuyishan self-help travel

  Travel preparations: Replace clothing, rain gear (the weather in Wuyi Mountain is fickle, and the temperature difference between day and night), and those who are good) use medicines, ID cards and other documents.

  Preparation cost: 400-800 / person (Wuyishan three-day tour) Accommodation: Travel to Wuyishan must live in a resort area, which is separated by a stream from the scenic area and has convenient transportation. Living in an urban area or a train station can cause you a lot of trouble. Resort hotels range from quasi two-star to four-star, with retail prices ranging from 180-10000. From May to November, Wuyishan is Wangxiu. The rooms are tight. It is recommended that you book in advance.

  Transportation: How to get there: There is a direct train from Wuyishan to civil aviation. For the specific train times, please see the “☆ Tourist Traffic” section of this station. If your train does not go directly to Wuyi Mountain, we suggest you get off at ☆ Shaowu Railway Station, and then take the luxury CMB to Wuyi Mountain Resort (not city area, save 2 yuan) in about 2 hours. Shaowu Bus Station is opposite the train station. It costs 17 yuan / person to Wuyishan Resort, and it departs every 30 minutes. The earliest bus is 5.30, and the latest is 17.30. If you get off at Jiangxi Shangrao Railway Station, you need to take another 3 hours shuttle bus to Wuyishan City, 30 minutes from the city to the resort. Tourism Transportation: Most of Wuyishan Scenic Spots can be reached by face or bus. Dahongpao-Shuiliandong requires chartered car. Other protected areas must be chartered. If only one person is recommended to ride.

  There are 5 scenic spots in Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area, namely Tianyou, Jiuqu, Dahongpao-Shuiliandong, First-line Sky-Huxiaoyan, Lianhua Peak-Yulin Pavilion, and it is generally a scenic spot for half a day. Tianyou Peak is the first scenic spot in Wuyi. There is a saying that not going to Tianyou is equal to Baiyou, but the peak of Tianyou Peak is steep, and after half a day, it consumes a lot of physical energy. After Tianyou, the mountain can reach Dongyuandong. You can go to see the peach blossoms in spring. There is no scenery at other times, so you don t have to go. Tiger Xiaoyan, also known as Lion Rock, is a strange peak in Wuyi. To conquer this lion, you need a certain amount of perseverance and endurance. Dahongpao-Shuiliandong is a tea culture tourism route, which is relatively easy. Jiuquxi is the essence of Wuyi Wonderland. If you have enough time, it is best not to line up with Tianyou Scenic Spot on the first day and leave it for a wonderful and slow swim.

  The Wuyishan Nature Reserve is the largest of Wuyishan World Natural Heritage Sites. It is worth a visit and can be returned one day. On the return journey, you can visit Qinglong Waterfall, East China s First Drift, and Longchuan Grand Canyon, because the above attractions are half way to and from the reserve, you can play if you leave early in the morning. You can play monkeys in the reserve, it is recommended not to wear scarlet clothes. You can bring some snacks to feed the monkey. There are other cultural attractions: Xiamei Ancient Houses and Chengcun Ancient Yue King City Ruins, each of which takes half a day, and there are scenic guides. Xiamei requires a 20 yuan explanation fee. The urban village is the Wuyishan World Cultural Heritage, and no explanation fee is required. Tickets are 20/80 each. Among them, there is a large-scale folk song and dance performance in Gu Yue King City, about 60 minutes.

  Temples in Wuyi Mountain: 1. Tianxin Yongle Temple, located in Dahongpao Scenic Area. 2. Huiyuan is located on the way from Dahongpao to Shuilian Cave. 3. Xingcun Tianshang Palace is a Mazu temple. ☆ Detailed introduction. 4. Wutun Ruiyan Temple .

  D1, In the morning: Tianyou Peak, Chadong, Yunwo, Yinping Peak, Xianzhang Peak, Dongyuan Cave; In the afternoon: First-line sky, wind tunnel, Shenxianlou Pavilion, Tiger Xiao eight sceneries

  D3, Eco-Day Tour of Wuyishan Nature Reserve, Qinglong Waterfall, Longchuan Grand Canyon, Tongmu Creek Rafting, etc. (Note: Tianyou Peak Scenic Area is the first scenic spot of Wuyi Mountain, and the spirit of Wuyi in Jiuqu Stream is located there. Locals say that you cant go to the sky = Bai You, dont take bamboo platoon = Bailai.)

  Wuyishan self-guided tour and entertainment related: There are relatively few programs in Wuyishan at night. I recommend one—the large-scale song and dance performance of Huaxia National City, which shows the style of Fujian and Guangdong before 2000, and integrates modern fashion performance with humor. There are 5 Internet cafes in Wuyishan Resort. It is easy to find on Sangu Street. Dreams, Tang Dynasty, navigators, etc., 2.5 yuan / hour. There are more bars in the city, D. There are more KTVs, foot baths, and foot massage in the resort. Safety issues of Wuyishan self-guided tour: There are no problems in the safety of Wuyishan scenic spots, but when you take the nine-bamboo bamboo platoon, you should listen to the instructions of the row workers. In the gentler watershed, the platoon will take pictures for you. Each scenic area is a certain distance from the resort. Don t play too late to avoid getting lost. Wuyishan Self-guided Tour Guide Question: Wuyishan s Stone Talks are in love, do you know their love tragedy? Why is the Dahongpao of Wuyi Mountain so amazing? Do you know the wonderful legends? Wuyi Qifeng, three-point image and seven-point imagination, without pointing you you will know nothing … celebrity funerals, gonzos, wonderful legends, ancient Cantonese culture, the mystery of the ship-shaped hanging coffin, broken hair tattoos and dry-bar buildings… I suggest you book a tour guide, your Wuyi trip will be more relaxed, enjoyable and fun. Travel agency tour guide 50 yuan / person-day. There are also many wild guides at various attractions, usually around 30. Wuyishan self-help travel communication problems: All scenic spots are within the scope of China Telecom s communication network, and China Unicom has a good signal. In addition, each scenic spot has an IC card phone. It is best to bring an IC card. If you have any questions, please be timely contact us. Wuyishan Self-help Tour Cash Problem: There are Bank of China (0599-5206617), China Co nstruction Bank (0599-5252299), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (0599-5252238), Agricultural Bank of China (0599-5252362) in Wuyishan Resort, so you do not need to bring Too much cash. Wuyishan Travel Tour Memorial: · Shopping: Wuyishan s specialty products are mainly Wuyi rock tea, snake products, and red mushrooms. It is best to shop around. Wuyi Rock Tea is recommended to buy from tea farmers in Guilin Rock Tea Village. · Souvenirs: There are many supermarkets and tourist souvenirs in Wuyishan. Reminder: See more and ask more, don t follow from, don t want to be small. The most important thing to travel is happiness!

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