Fujian Travel Guide: Wuyi Travel in the Rain

The smoke and dust along the way brought our group of forty people from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis to the quiet and remote Wuyi Mountain. Waking up in the hazy freshness of the drizzle, the tiredness of yesterday s journey disappeared, and my mood became clear like rain. Outside the window was the distant mountain looming in the morning mist, and the thick greenness stirred my long-time passion. Quickly ate breakfast, a car went to the far mountain. At the slightest notice, there were already green mountains and green mountains by their side, and the wheels were flying, and the peaks seemed to be waving our sleeves to welcome us. Just as everyone stayed, the car had stopped in front of a mountain. Today s trip is Yuhu Xiaoyan and Yixiantian. Huxiaoyan is at this moment.

I walked along the mountain path for a few moments, a giant rock suddenly turned into my eyes, and when I looked up, we could see that the tourists on the flat rock wall throbbed, moving like a moving curve against the wall, winding up and not seeing its head. As people flowed onto the narrow stone staircase that had been dug into the rock wall and slowly circled, the figure at the foot became smaller and smaller, and the distant peaks became more and more bright. One rock, one mountain, one peak and one scene, scattered in the green area of ​​Wuyi Mountain, the drizzle woven into a curtain, the mist was tumbling like a dance, and the peaks of various postures appeared and disappeared as if they were performed on the stage. With their own legends. Since the peak, the rain has gradually increased, and the scenery has gradually blurred. Tourists have been holding up umbrellas or hiding in shelters from the rain. Without an umbrella, I have no time to admire the lush colors in front o f my eyes. As my companion set foot on the path down the mountain, the dense forest along the way exudes an exceptionally fresh fragrance due to the rain. Raindrops falling from the forest drop from time to time. My back collar, drilled into my placket, was even beyond words.

I waited until the afternoon rain, and our team changed lanes for days. The real name here is Lingyan, which was named because the rock crest of the rock crest has been eroded by water for many years. Below the rock wall, there is a cave in. The sheep intestine trail in the cave is for visitors to walk through. The rock is about 90 meters high, the slit is nearly 1 meter wide, the narrow place is only feet, the hole is dim, and only the top of the head is curved for a day. The people in the mountains lined up in a row and stepped into the cave one by one. When I was in the team, I shot a ray of light through the top of the rock and saw only countless figures before and after. The team moved very slowly. Most of the time, they could only wait in the gaps or look up at the ray of blue sky along the abrupt rock wall. From time to time, the shouts of the agitated people and the screams of bats sounded. Depression and helplessness are gradually covering the heart with darkness, and at this moment, everyone can only wait according to their position and go on. There is no second choice. They simply close their minds and let their hands and feet flicker. Walking along the line. It took less than two hundred meters to walk for more than an hour. When I finally climbed out of the hole and was able to stretch my arms and legs freely, I found that my hands and feet were full of dust and mud. The sky suddenly opened up, and the mood was relieved. Shi Cai s feeling of being bound by nature is suddenly dispersed, and the steps under his feet were immediately relaxed a lot.

On the way home from Zigui, the scenery was still all the way, but the carriage was much quieter than when it came. Most people leaned on their seats to clean up the tiredness of the day s excursion; I silently looked out the window , and tiredly climbed to my eyebrow, but lingering in my heart was a line of blue sky in the hole.

The day before dawn, the chaos dream was awakened by the sound of rain, and it was no longer a trance. My heart was secretly grateful that I had bought a poncho yesterday, and today I will not be burned. I went out until dawn , and the rain like sieve beans fell off my head, and the thin and small poncho affixed me poorly, and rushed towards my shoes like tears, and hurried into the car. The car was still heading towards the mountains, but the scenery outside the window was more enchanting in the rain. Today I will go to the Tianyou Scenic Area known as Wuyi s First Winning Place . After entering the mountain, the car road will go up the Jiuqu River, turning all the way around the peak , and the sky will not be seen. After a few turns, we are already in Tian At the foot of You Feng. Looking around, there is nothing strange about the surrounding mountains, and I can t help wondering.

The continuous sound of rain urged the visitors to rush along the cobbled mountain road. Until turning over a mountain gate, the world suddenly opened, and the beautiful colors rushed forward; on the one side were the Jiuqu with tender feelings and the steep rocks standing on the other side. The peaks and mountains in the smoke and rain were wild and confused. You Fengding descended from the clouds, met the mountains and rocks, the sound of thunder, the heavy rain at that time, the water mist dazzled, Wuyi s Bishui Danshan was even more magnificent. One side of the Tianyou Peak is the hidden screen peak known as Wuyi s First Danger. Because it can only go up and down, it is known as Xiaohua Mountain. Some of us, who were just interested, couldn t bear the rain and slipped on the road, headed for difficulties, climbed the stairs through the clouds, and went straight up to the highest point of the clouds. There are many peaks in Wuyi, and the cliffs and rocks are all in the fog. Only t he sky swims, and tourists wearing various rain gear meander, like an ant team carrying rations in a rainy day. The screen was hidden all the way down, and you went to heaven again. In the middle of the mountain, looking at the viewing point on the hidden screen peak across the street, I couldn t help but grin. Just now I looked at people like ants, but today people look at me like insects. Climbing to the peak of Tianyou, the source of the waterfall, standing under the plaque of Aoyou Xiaohan, watching the Jiuqu jade belt circulating around the peaks, Wuyi s beautiful colors can be seen, although the clothes and socks are wet, my heart is still full of interest.

In the afternoon, Yu Xing couldn t stop, and he could not fade his mud, hurriedly put on new clothes, and went straight to Shui Lian Dong Fu. It was discovered this way that most of the riders were already less than half. Presumably the wonders in the rain are not for everyone.

I saw Yingzuiyan, Swallow Peak, and sky frame all the way. Before I got to the water curtain cave, I saw two flying springs running down the top of the strange rock, but I didn t know what the water curtain cave was. When confused, the tour guide said something extraordinary. It turned out that the top of the cliff was obliquely protruding, like a eaves, and the rock wall was hollow, forming a natural giant cave with a width of more than 100 meters. The spring water cascaded and the water was scattered in the air. The beads seemed to be hanging in front of the hole. After boarding the trail and stepping into the cave, I realized that if the wind and rain blow outside the cave, I can walk in the courtyard. No wonder Mr. Zhu Xi also loves to admire the scenery in this product, talk about it, and leave the famous sentence of Ask Qun how to get it clear, but come with living water. On the way back, it is rumored that the activities of bamboo rafting Jiuqu are likely to be cancelled due t o the continuous rainfall and the water level has risen sharply. The people in the car talked, and my mood went dark, and I silently prayed for a miracle.

After an overnight storm, the rumors became a reality. The irresistible force of nature made our Jiuqu Drifting stop at the most distant hope. The expression of regret climbed up to everyone s face. The interest obtained in a few days seems to be at this moment. Drowned by this solitude. Recalling the day when I first came, I saw afar on the way. In the stream of Jiuqu, bamboo rafts walked through the water and wandered among the peaks. I thought that I could experience it in the next few days. I felt unhappy. Langzhong has already stepped on it, feeling the clearness of the streams, the beautiful mountains, and lamenting the good place in Wuyi.

In a hurry, the car was out, and the direction in front was Wuyi Palace, located in the north of Yiqu and under the Dawang Peak. This Wuyi Mountain was originally a Taoist cave. Naturally, it is inseparable from Taoism. Coupled with the emperors, literati sacrifices or sacrifices, or ink retention, this place has become a scene of Wuyi. I arrived at the scene early, and there were few tourists. But at this moment, the interest was absent-minded, and I was absent- minded. I swept past the Zhu Xi Memorial Hall, Sanqing Hall, Bonsai Garden, gradually entering the Jingjing Memorial Arch, and imitation Song Street. To the extreme passion. When the rain breaks, the mist flows, and I want to take the beautiful scenery of the peaks of the clouds, and I wait to wait and see, but the sky is not beautiful, the scattered fog reunites, and the rain comes again.

At this point, the tour was over, and there was not much time left for each activity, and people who came along purchased it. When returning home, I was delighted to see both big and small bags; I found one or two things to commemorate, and I didn t feel sorry. Less than two o clock in the afternoon, he hurriedly bid farewell to Wuyi, and the car bumped back home. With the passing of Wuyi, the sky that was originally bleaching gradually became clear behind us. Is Wuyi actually rainy? Compared to the night time when we came, after all, we can see the scenery all the way, but the mountains in front of us are getting higher and higher, the roads between the mountains are getting more and more dangerous, the cars on the road are getting more and more uphill, and the people in the cars are getting more sleepy.

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