Fujian Travel Guide: Traveling to Wuyi Mountain

It is not a mountain but a mountainous area. The whole mountain area has beautiful scenery, beautiful mountains and clear waters, and good air. Wuyishan Airport is very close to the scenic area, and the hotels in the scenic area are very convenient to go to various scenic spots. We arrived by plane at night, and went to Qinglong Waterfall the next day. It is recommended that everyone walk on the side of the mountain, and the winding path made of stones is very interesting. Qinglong Waterfall is a recently developed scenic spot. The waterfall itself is very beautiful and spectacular, but it is difficult to see the scenery in the poster. It is said that if the weather is suitable in the season, if you are lucky, you can still encounter the waterfall. The human body photography on the side is very artistic. After lunch from the waterfall, we went to Huxiaoyan. The steep mountain roads made people scary, but they were all shocking, and then there was a long path to the first-line scenic ar ea. There is a ray of sky everywhere in China, and Emei Mountain is not as good as here. It looks like there is a narrow gap between two huge rocks. The cave is very dark. Friends who go must bring a flashlight, and rent a flashlight there. 3 yuan. There are a lot of white bats on the rock walls of Yixiantian, which are special products of Wuyi Mountain. Come out from the first-line scenic area and spend a dollar to sit down and get down to the Jade Peak. The Jiuqu River is so beautiful around the Jade Peak. I took a lot of pictures here. The Lijiang River in Guilin also has such a scene, but it is not as good as here Secluded and beautiful, if Lijiang is a lady show, then Wuyishan is a small family jasper, and there is a little petiteness in the Qingxiu room, which really makes people love. As I walked along the road, I came to the Wuyi Mountain World Cultural Heritage Sign, which is facing Da Wang Feng. To be honest, Da Wang Feng has no jade girl.

Eating in the scenic area at night, the management here is not very good, all meals can be bargained, and Haichen Restaurant is recommended to everyone. It is said that the diners there are mostly locals, the business is very busy, and the prices are fair. When ordering, you must explain to them that they want their restaurant s signature dishes. We ordered 15 yuan for a mushroom pot and 28 yuan for a smoked fish (very unique and highly recommended. We must say that their signature is fresh Jiuqu Brook fish, otherwise it would give that kind of air-dried smoked fish,). On the third day, I went to Wuyi Palace in the morning. Now that the Zhu Xi Memorial Hall has been removed, the current Wuyi Palace is just a green park. Wuyi Palace, what the Taoist Temple thinks is actually a place name. In front of the memorial site, go left to imitate Songgu Street and right to Dawangfeng. Dawangfeng Scenic Area is connected to Tianyoufeng Scenic Area. It sa bit like the gate of Xi an Academy , but the scale is far behind. It only takes 15 minutes to get there. We stopped by and looked at the Wuyishan Museum. It was very interesting. You can go in and take a look. Then I took a car to Tianyou Feng. Tianyou Feng looked very steep from below, but I was not afraid of walking on it. I looked at Jiuquxi from above.

The scenery is spectacular. The top of the mountain is a very boring Tianyou Pavilion. It was said that it was Song Meiling s ballroom, but now it is a small shop. From the back of the mountain down the road, the road seemed much smoother. Our group talked and smiled and quickly returned to the foot of the mountain. It is known that this is the main entrance of Tianyou Peak, and the handwriting on the door was altered. It is said to be in the middle of the park. It can be seen that Chiang Kai-shek also liked it at the time. After lunch, the locals talked about the lack of water in the Shuilian Cave Scenic Spot. So canceled the trip to the water curtain cave to go to Jiuquxi rafting . Looking at the peaks on a bamboo raft is very comfortable. The mountains and the water are within reach, and I feel that I have to melt into the mountains and waters. It s really comfortable to get down from the bamboo raft, to see if it s too early to buy something. According to my previous experience, it is impossible to buy cheap and good things in the scenic area, so I went to the supermarket in the urban area to shop. The biggest supermarket in Wuyishan is good. Fly home at night.

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