Fujian Travel Guide: Classic Courses in Tulou

I. Administrative geography of cities in southwest Fujian: A. Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Longyan are prefecture-level cities, and three major cities. B. Nanjing County belongs to Zhangzhou City and Yongding County belongs to Longyan City. C. Several towns in Nanjing County passing by along the way are Chengshan Town (county town) -Nankeng Town-Chuanchang Town-Shuyang Town. Several towns in Yongding County are Gaotou Town-Hukeng Town-Xiayang Town. The junction of Shuyang Town in Nanjing County and Gaotou Town in Yongding County. I think all of this needs to be borne in mind. If you know what it is used for, what is a self-guided tour, you must be prepared to work carefully and carefully!

2. Must-visit attractions: There are more than twenty best spots in Fujian Tulou, some of which are scattered. I cant see them without sufficient time. My time is only 2 days, so my arrangement is the concentrated area of Tulou. Which is:

1. Tulou Folk Culture Village in Hongkeng Village, Hukeng Town (Zhencheng Building is here, is the most representative Tulou; Fuyu Building and Wufeng Building are better than Fenghuang Ancient Building; Kuiju Building, built in response to the mountains, is very unique. These three buildings are national key cultural relics and must not be missed. Remember to ask a tour guide to play this kind of place!)

2, Tulou Group, Gaobei Village, Gaotou Town (Chengqi Building is here, it is very famous, the largest earth building in Yongding County; the other Wuyun Tower must also go, the oldest building in Yongding County has been damaged)

3. Tianluokeng Village, Shuyang Town (Four dishes and one soup, there are five earthen buildings. If you don t know the term, please look at the related introduction. I recommend staying for one night in this place, it s beautiful!)

I. When I arrived in the local area, the best means of transportation for playing the earth building was “Motor”. Remember to take care of the master to drive slowly, all winding mountain roads, and talk to the master less, although they drive here every day. The fee is about 1.5 yuan / km. It is not easy to walk on the mountain road in Nanjing County. The fee is more expensive!

Twenty-two, no matter whether it is from Xiamen to Tulou or Tulou back to Xiamen, the buses are the most at 8 am and 9 am, and there will be no more than noon. There are many shuttle buses along the way, beckoning to park, just wait patiently. The bus from Shuyang Town to Xiamen is the last one at 12:30, we must remember!

Fifth, the development of earth buildings in Yongding County, which is personally perceived, is faster and will advertise. Therefore, the commercial atmosphere is a bit stronger. There are shops everywhere in the earth buildings. If you want to see the original ones, go to Nanjing County. I think you will fall in those long times!

Twenty-six, it is generally impossible to eat lunch at attractions such as this, unless you have accurate time or plenty of time, so you need to prepare some dry food and water, pick up and spend at noon, and get better at night .

The starting point is Xiamen. After reading a lot of information, it is better to see that the starting place of Tulou is set in Xiayang Town in Yongding County. There are two routes to choose from: if you do n t like the mountain road, you may walk Line A Xiamen-Zhangzhou-Longyan-Yongding-Xiayang is basically a high-speed road, but you cannot directly go to Xiayang Town. You need to transfer from Longyan City or Yongding County. Line B Xiamen-Zhangzhou-Nanjing-Xiayang can be directly Arriving, the route goes down the mountain road from Nanjing County, but the road is beautiful, the car dangles like a massage chair, which saves about 1 hour than the A line, recommended!

The bus from Xiyang Town to Xiayang Town was taken at Xiamen Longbin South Bus Terminal. It is available at more than 6am. The last flight of the day is 12:20 noon. The whole trip takes about 6 hours: it takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Xiamen to Zhangzhou, and it takes less than 1 hour from Zhangzhou to Nanjing County (Chengshan Town), and it takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes from Nanjing County to Shuyang Town. It is about an hour from Shuyang Town to Hukeng Town of Yongding County, and less than an hour from Hukeng Town to Xiayang Town. The above-listed stations are all important stations along the way.

I took Line B at 9:30 on May 6 and went directly to Tulou Cultural Village, Hekeng Village, Hukeng Town, Yongding County. This is a stop in front of Xiayang Town. This tulou group is not in my plan. Communicating with the local people on the road along the way will get you a lot of useful information. Arrived at 14:35 pm, the ticket office of Culture Village is on the roadside, 40 yuan / person. Go down about 5, 600 meters to the village , you can see Zhencheng Building on the face, I m leaning! The first time I saw such a thing, it was really shocking! Now, it forms a strong visual contrast with the reinforced concrete of the metropolis, and the broken earth wall tells the vicissitudes it has experienced. I can t help but stop there and walk away! It is a crepe wall, the corner of the eye is lifted to the eaves, and a ray of light and the setting sun fall down. The back is the mountain. You can hear the long sound. It is pure, plain, and takes you. Thoughts into that dreamy space! I came to Tulou with some fantasies. It was the most beautiful and untouchable. Just like the person I love the most, I was more willing to communicate with him. Indeed, Tulou is a spirit and a temperament. It s unique to the Hakkas . If you want to dissolve, you cant dissolve. You only have admiration and envy! This is the most representative earth building in Yongding. It was built by rich people at the time, so it is delicate, so different, so representative. Its origin, its history, its story, you will only have it here. Strong desire to know. With Zhencheng Tower as the center, there are many other earthen buildings in the village. You can feel refreshing when you walk into any one of them. The round building, square building, and Wufeng building are all here. Tower Museum. Special reminders are that Zhencheng Building, Kuiju Building, and Fuyu Building are the national key cultural relics under protection. Be sure to take a look !

I stayed in the Culture Village for less than 3 hours. At the village entrance, I shouted a car and went straight to Gaobei Village, Gaotou Town to see Chengqilou. It was 15 minutes. It was on the side of the road when I came here. The Tulou Group in the center of Gaobei Village is the most famous one in Chengqi Building. This building is the largest known in Yongding. I was remembered by the head of the building: Four high floors, four buildings, four hundred floors up and down In the meantime, the circle is round, the circle is a circle, and it has gone through three hundred years of vicissitudes. The name of this building is also very interesting. Can you guess, it means inherit the past , open the back . Walk in, look over and walk through every space and corner, listen to the story told by the building manager, the wall of this earthen building is actually more than 1 meter thick. It is said that the construction of the earthen house is quite time-consuming, and it takes at lea st 1 year to build the first floor. Time, because when building the first upper floor, you have to wait for the soil on the lower floor to dry. This kind of building is firm and strong. If you think about 4 floors, it will take 4 years! This building was also a wealthy family at that time. There were 24 light study rooms. It is said that many Ming and Qing bachelors and modern scholars have been trained in this building.

When you walk out, you can see the Five Cloud Tower. This one is old, it is broken, and it is listed as a dangerous building. There is only one family living there. It is an old bachelor. It is said that there were too many life-long events at the time., laugh! I climbed to the fourth floor, stepping on the crumbling floor and looking at the broken eaves and beams. I think this building is like this old man who refuses to leave , lonely and incomplete, and will cry away. Live the rest of your life, sigh!

At this time, it was 18:30, and it wasn t too dark. I asked about it, and it took me 40 minutes to reach Tianluokeng. This is from Gaobei Village, Gaotou Town, Yongding County to Tianluo Town, Shuyang Town , Nanjing County. Hangcun, the junction of two counties and two towns, bends the mountain road along the way, and moves with the heart, enjoying the different scenery here. Even the frog call is so nice, and it reaches the target without knowing it. After a day, I was tired. I imagined sleeping in the earth building. Well, let s fill my stomach first. I came to the Tianluokeng Service Center. The boss wanted to introduce it to me. Huang Liangzhong, this person is a little cultural. He is a member of the Nanjing Jingxian Photography Association. After I ve finished dinner, I ll set up a table with him outside for tea and chat. Hearing the story of Tulou and the history of Nanjing, I was fortunate enough to see his two major photo collections. The most of them are Tianluokeng s f our dishes and one soup shot from different angles, different seasons and different weather conditions. I was so tired that night. He told me the next morning that he had never slept so late. I smile!

The earthen building is closed, so every room is also closed. If you close the doors and windows tightly, you won t see any light, but the people who live in the earthen building will never wake up in the morning. They are hardworking , intelligent and united. They It sa big family. They never quarrel. They get up at 5 or 6 o clock every day and work. The next day I hear the voice and get up early. I want to see what they are doing. Men have gone out long ago, women are doing laundry, old people are holding grandsons, chickens and ducks are walking around in the yard, it is totally inappropriate that we are strangers, and after finishing finishing, I go downstairs and communicate with the people who are working, It sa pleasure, it s the most thorough way to touch the earth building. After experiencing these five unique earthen buildings, we went out to the observation deck on the mountain, where you can admire the view of these five earthen buildings that are like blooming plum blosso ms, because It is an ellipse and three circles surrounding a square earthen building, so someone like it is called four dishes and one soup, which is more shocking than looking at an earthen house alone. It is a kind of graphics, a pole It s no wonder that a professor from Tongji University came here to see the graphics that accorded with people s aesthetic psychology, and said, I can t see Tianluokeng, I haven t seen Tulou. This tone is worthy of the name. To be honest, I finally decided to go to Tulou after seeing her picture on the Internet.

Going back from Tianluokeng, passing through Xiaban Village, there is the famous East West West Tower — Yuchang Tower. It is said that this building was not built long after that time. Liang Zizhu was eastward and westward inclined, but the overall strength was not affected. The damage has been maintained until now. It has been for more than 680 years, and there are still more than 100 households. This building is very special. For example, each house has water wells, which is not much. At that time, it was built by a joint venture of 5 surnames and there were 5 There are not many staircase passages; the height is 5 floors, and the original 7 floors were built, which is the highest in the surrounding area, which is not much. I think it would be interesting to stay one night in such a building.

After coming out, continue to walk down and come to Taxia Village within 15 minutes. Compared to the ancient city of Phoenix, here are at least not under the bridge. There are many bridges, streams, earth buildings, and stone roads, and most of them are here. The famous Zhang family s ancestral temple is Deyuan Hall. Many of the Zhang s family are overseas Chinese. After the development of their careers, they donated money to the village for the benefit of the place. The stone dragon flagpole, backed by green hills, is spectacular and extremely classic!

After another 20 minutes by car, we arrived at Hekeng Village, a community of earthen buildings in a mountain stream. There are more than a dozen buildings in the past, which are suitable for distance viewing. We went up to the observation platform above the hill, against the green background. Among them, these earth buildings became so obtrusive and so enchanting, like the stars in the sky, embedded in the mountains, which made this heaven and earth have an unusual mystery.

After 30 minutes, I returned to Shuyang Town. At this time, it was noon 12:10, 12:30. I set foot on the road back to Xiamen. The car was still bumping, and those clips kept flashing back. Can make my heart reverberate, I don t know how long I can stay here, I don t know when I can come again.

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