Fudan University [Shanghai Urban Scenery]

Fudan University is a well-known institution of higher learning with a history of nearly 100 years. The school currently has 19 full-time colleges such as liberal arts, science, engineering, management, economics, and medicine. It has enrolled more than 40,000 full-time undergraduates, graduate students, doctoral students, foreign students, adult education colleges, and undergraduate students. There are nearly 60,000 college and university undergraduate self-study examinations. There are 21 academicians of the two academies, more than 500 doctoral supervisors, and more than 1,350 professors and associate professors.

Students Fudan University students have ranked among the best in various international and domestic competitions over the years. In recent years, Fudan University has won 11 national scientific research awards (three are national second-class natural science awards) and more than 250 provincial and municipal scientific research awards.

Fudan University is a university directly affiliated with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education, a key investment and development institution of Shanghai.

Fudan s sciences have always been great. Mathematics, life sciences, and electronic information science are among the strongest. Fudan s Department of Mathematics has four famous academicians, such as Su Buqing and Gu Chaohao; medical sciences that are also natural sciences are also Fudans strong points. In terms of liberal arts, Fudan followed immediately after Peking University, with majors in journalism, economics, and Chinese.

The guest house is on Guonian Road, Fudan South District (opposite the school gate). There is a room for 3 people for 31 yuan per day. Reservations are not accepted. If you have higher requirements for accommodation conditions, you can consider living in the Tongzhou Building of Shanghai Institute of Applied Technology, which is opposite the side door of Guoding Road, and the price is about 200 yuan.

Blue Sky Hotel Address: No. 2075 Huangxing Road, Telephone: 55056666 House prices: 318 yuan, 378 yuan, 458 yuan for standard rooms, 298 yuan for single rooms (discounted) There are still rooms available for reservation.

Lishui Flower Holiday Hotel Address: 399 Handan Road (near Guoding Road) Phone: 65110000 Room price: 230 RMB, 280 RMB for standard room, reservations accepted. There are not enough vacancies at present, so we must hurry up.

Sheshan Shanxi Hotel Address: No. 2601 Songhuajiang Road Phone: 55889911 Housing Price: Standard Room 168 yuan, 198 yuan, 218 yuan, room reservation can be made 10 days in advance.

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