Fuchun River-Xin’an River-Qiandao Lake

The latest developments in the scenic spot: Since March 1, 2004, the ticket for Qiandao Lake has been adjusted to 120 yuan / person and the port construction fee is 11 yuan / person. The ticket does not include the cruise fee.

Fuchun River-Xin an River-Qiandao Lake is a golden tourist route in Zhejiang Province. Xin an River and Fuchun River are upstream of Qiantang River. The Xin an River originated in Huangshan, Anhui, and passed through Chun an County to Jiande County; the river water flows eastward, passes Tonglu, and flows into Fuyang County, saying Fuchun River; further east, it reaches Wenjiayan in Xiaoshan County, called Qiantang River. The Fuchun River-Xin an River-Qiandao Lake Scenic Area is an important scenic area in Zhejiang Province, located in the area starting from Chunan and going down to Fuyang.

The east line of the scenic area is mainly composed of the Fuchun River Qilijing Scenic Belt and the Fuchun River National Forest Park. It includes Strict Ling Tombs, Double Tower Lingyun, Ziyu Wilderness, Qili Yangfan, and Gourd Waterfall Attractions such as Pedestrian Mirror, Birds in the Screen are the fun of Fuchun River s return to nature tourism;

The southern route is dominated by Underground Art Palace -Lingqi Dongtian, Jiangnan Hanging Temple -Daciyan. Among them, the East Sea Dragon Palace and China s First Natural Standing Buddha are rare in the landscape, and are popular for scientific research and Buddhist culture tour tour;

The western route takes Eastern China Pearl -Xin anjiang Hydropower Station, Qiandao Lake, Good Luck Island and other attractions as tourist spots. Among them, Qiandao Lake combines the vastness of Taihu Lake and the beauty of West Lake in one. It is called a wonder of the world and is a scenic tour of Qiandao Lake. Xin an River City is also famous for its cool wind, clear water, and foggy atmosphere . It is a famous summer resort in Jiangnan.

The Xinan River in Jinxiu is known as China s Danube . The Xin an River Dragon Boat Rafting, the nine-named fishermen s wedding ceremony on the Xin an River, the Moon Island and other tourist projects and attractions are combined with the Xin an River Hydropower Station, Qiandao Lake, and Good Fortune Island and other attractions to form the Xin an River suburb water tourism route.

Nu Fuchun River-There are various resorts and leisure hotels on both sides of the Xin an River. They are built by the mountains and the water, and the scenery is charming, which is a good place for your leisure. The red lanterns on the side of Tianmu Creek in Tonglu and the grandmother s house are typical examples. The independent wooden houses are connected by wooden bridges, and red lights hang under the eaves. Enjoy this colorful nightlife. But the price of red lanterns is expensive. A ten-person cabin costs 980 yuan on weekends (discounts on weekdays), which is more suitable for parties. If you are a young couple traveling, it is still recommended that you live in the city, such as the best Jinxin Hotel in Tonglu, with a retail price of 336 yuan (20% off). The prices of other two-star hotels are also around 200 yuan, which is economical.

320 national highway high-grade highway traverses the whole area, toll 20 yuan from Hangzhou to Fuyang, 45 yuan from Hangzhou to Tonglu. It costs 75 yuan from Hangzhou to Jiande.

Hangzhou South Bus Station has a public bus to Tonglu (the first bus is 6:00, the last bus is 17:20). The fare is 12 yuan, which can be reached in 1.5 hours. The Hangzhou Great Hall of the People also has three special tourist buses every day at 9:00, 11:15, and 14:00.

Hangzhou West Bus Station to Jiande 35 times a day, 2 hours by car, the fare is 20 yuan. The 80km journey from Jiande to Jinhua (National Highway 330) has also built a high-grade highway, which only takes 1.5 hours to reach Jinhua West Station, and there are many departures.

Youfuchunjiang-Xin anjiang area is rich in aquatic products, and of course freshwater fish are the most common on the table. The red-lip catfish and ziling fish are fresh and sweet, and they are very characteristic aquatic products of Fuchun River. There are bamboo shoots and mushrooms in the mountain, new, fresh, tender; game, pheasant, wild boar, hare are even more coveted. Almost all restaurants in the attractions serve these dishes.

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