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From Xiangbishan Park along the tree-lined riverside to the north for about 2 kilometers, you can reach another scenic spot in Xiangshan Scenic Spot-Fuboshan Park. The park is composed of multi-level mountain courtyards. Its main body is Fubo Mountain, and there are attractions and cultural relics such as Huanzhu Cave, Thousand Buddha Rocks, Trial Sword Stone, Tingtao Pavilion, Banshan Pavilion, Qianren Hot Pot, and Great Iron Bell. Visitors can go up and down along the stone steps, go directly to the top of Fubo Mountain via the rest floor and the half-tower pavilion, and enter the cave to explore the spectacle water. You can also reach the nameless island in the heart of the Lijiang River through the floating bridge on the Fubo Lake.

Lu Fubo Mountain is located on the west bank of the Lijiang River. Its lonely peak stands half-plugged in the Lijiang River and half-landed land. It is 213 meters above sea level, 62 meters above the ground, 120 meters long and 60 meters wide. The mountain area is about 0.7 hectares. The Tang Dynasty was named Fubo Mountain because it was built on the mountain by the Fubo General of the Han Dynasty, and because the river was blocked by the mountain to form a vortex. It has the power to surrender the waves. Fubo Mountain is a steep mountain, soaring into the sky. To the southeast of the mountain is the Linjiang Corridor, where you can listen to cliffs; to the southwest, there are climbing stone steps that can be viewed from a distance. It is the best place to enjoy the panoramic view of Guilin. There are many holes in the mountain, and the most famous is Huanzhu Cave.

Huanzhuzhu Cave is located on the mountainside of Fubo Mountain. According to legend, in the ancient times there was an old fisherman who picked up dragon balls in this cave and annoyed the sea dragon king, which caused waves and caused disaster to the people. Hou Guanfu ordered the old man to return the Dragon Ball to make the world peaceful, hence the name. The cave is exquisite and clear, and the music is smooth. There are more than 100 manuscripts in the Tang Dynasty and inscriptions in the Song Dynasty. Among them, the title, self-portrait and the poem by the poet Fan Chengda are the treasures. The east of the cave is suddenly bright, and below the mouth of the cave is the bottomless, blue water of Fubo Lake. A stone pillar in Linjiang hangs down, thick and thin, with a gap of more than an inch at the bottom connected to the ground. It seems to be split by a sword. Legend has it that General Fu Bo tried the sword, so it was called the sword stone. A curious tourist once lay on the big rock under the test sword stone and reached out to touch this wonderful gap.

Thousands of Buddha caves ran up the stone steps from the side of the test sword stone, reaching up to thousands of Buddha caves. There were 239 statues of cliffs in the Tang Dynasty, and a total of 400 statues with only axe chisel marks not yet formed. The symbol of Buddhism has a very high value for appreciation and research.

The most prominent and precious relic in the cave is the self-portrait carved by Mi Mi, one of the four major calligraphers of the Northern Song Dynasty, carved on a stone wall. It is 1.2 meters high, with a relaxed and graceful appearance. It is worth mentioning that Mi Min was the first person to paint landscapes in Guilin. He came to Guilin in 1074 to paint Yangshuo Mountain.

When thousands of pots and big iron bells entered the park, a large cast iron bell weighing more than 5,000 kg was seen. In the pavilion of the Linjiang cloister of the park, a big iron pot weighing more than 1,000 kg was stored. It is said that it can be cooked into a load of rice for thousands of people. Because it is called thousand people pot, these two huge cast iron objects were originally placed in the Dingyue Temple of the Qing Dynasty. Later, the Dingyue Temple was destroyed during the Anti-Japanese War. War, and moved here. Although these two relics have been eroded by more than 300 years of wind and rain, they are still intact, and the ornaments and inscriptions on them are clearly legible.

There is an ancient cave of great sadness on the mountainside of Fufubo. If you enter the cave, you will pass through the path and reach the river. Suddenly bright, suddenly bright. The cave is surrounded by a pool of clear water, named Fubotan , and the ancient Rong Mirror. It is said that there is a crystal palace in Fubotan and an old dragon king in the crystal palace. The old dragon king drank fine wine every day and watched singing and dancing.

The turtle meets the old dragon unhappy all day and comes up with a flowery idea. He said, Master, why not invite all the immortals of Guilin House to host a Saibao meeting in Fubo Mountain? The treasure in the palace of the king will surely win the top spot and let all the fairy families see and see. What do you mean?

I didn t realize that the morning had arrived, and all the fairy houses came to the big rock caves under the Fufu Mountain. Above the sandbar, the Fubotan surface is crowded with thousands of ships.

The Leijuren who drank the flagon mountain put a flickering horse brain jug on the palm of his hand. He only put a drop of wine, shook it, and went to toast the dragon king and fairy friends. Strange, the wine in the jug could not be poured. People cheered.

Liu Xianweng in the Nanxi Mountain has been unable to hold back. He took the brass scale out of his waist, and ordered the two Lux to bring in many boulders and put them on the weighing pan. As soon as the boulder hit the weighing pan , it shrank immediately. Liu Xianweng picked up a small scale and called it a total of 140.33 kilograms. Seeing all the immortals, they felt refreshed and applauded. Now the boulder in Fubotan was weighed by Liu Xianweng that year.

Next, all the fairy families refused to show weakness, and took out their own babies one after another, using their housekeeping skills, they had to decide whether they were male or female. Seeing the old dragon king, he secretly laughed, and spit out a treasure from his mouth. It turned out to be a huge night pearl. The night pearl shines brightly, lighting the Dongfu brightly; and every time it blinks, it changes into a beautiful color. The most amazing thing is that there is a small hole in the middle of the bead. Through the small hole, you can see the thirty-three floors of the sacred sacred sacred sorrel, Yuyu Qionglou; you can hear the snoring sounds of the ten kings in the eighteenth floor of Hell; you can admire the sights of the world beyond ten thousand miles A mirage with nothingness …

The night pearl of the King of Dragons really became the crown jewel of Saibao. After the Dragon King laughed for a while, he yelled out: Well, no matter in heaven on earth, the Emperor of the Upper Jade Emperor, the Buddha of Xitian Rulai, don t dare to be ugly in front of me!

Long Wang Laoer, you are too far away! The immortals heard the sound and fixed their eyes, but it was the Jie Emperor in Fubo Temple. I saw that his eyes were wide open, steel hair rushed to the crown, and it turned out that the tortoise stunner was so busy that he forgot to ask him.

Xi Jiedi pulled out his sword with a brush, and when he saw a stalagmite in the sky, he waved it gently, and the root of the stalagmite was cut off. Jie Di said: This is the small test frontier. You go up the mountain to see! Said pulling up the old dragon and leaving. All the fairy houses drove the clouds and came to the top of Fubo Mountain. Jiedi took out a big iron bow, pulled a full moon, and a loud sound of Cang exploded. The Excalibur actually shot through three mountains and flew out of Yangshuo. These three mountains are Chuanshan, Taoyuan Moon Mountain and Yangshuo Moon Mountain.

Later, people called the stalagmite cut off by Jiedi as a test sword stone. Legend has it that if they want to reconnect, unless Guilin has nine champions. It is a pity that from ancient times to today, only seven champions have emerged in Guilin .

He said that Saibao would break up unhappy, not only did the old dragon king find himself uninterested, but also lost the night pearl in the rush. They looked around but couldn t find it. Where can the beads go?

There are two ends of the utterance. On the sandbar in front of the Fubo Lake, there is a fisherman s house, Ma Laohan and young granddaughter Ma Lan. Ma Lanhua has nine white geese. She is just fine with white geese. One night, a white goose spewed a colorful night pearl from his mouth. Girl Maran, White Goose suddenly spoke to Maran, This night pearl was eaten as a snail when I was looking for food by the lake. I was a fairy crane in Yaochi and I couldnt dance to the queen mother-in-law. Happy, I was beaten down. Tomorrow I have exhausted all my calamities, and I want to return to Yaochi. I also want to bring this orb back to the upper world, but you are as gracious to me as I am, and I will give it to you as a parting gift., You sold the orb, you will have a good life.

Uma Lanhua said just now. The grandfather said, Oh, Malan, other people s things shouldn t be needed. The tortoise can t find the beads, and he will be punished by the old dragon king!

I just walked out of the door and was stopped by a sudden green-faced woman. She was a locust essence on the continent. She said, There is a fool like you in the world. Give me the night pearl! Otherwise, I will suck it up. The blood of your grandchildren!

The locust turned back, stopped a woman with a face, and shouted, Flower snake essence, what are you doing? First come as a king, the night pearl should belong to me! Flower snake essence said: Good sister, you have beads, at best you can Is Tengyun driving in the fog? I can become a true dragon if I get the beads. You can fulfill me!

The cricket whispered sternly, Where do you want to go? At this critical juncture, the white goose suddenly appeared in front of the locust spirit. Said to Ma Lanhua, Come, ride on my back! The white goose flew up with wings and flew over the Fubo Lake. Bai Ge said: Throw the beads to Fubotan.

With a brief sound, Ma Lanhua really threw the beads into Fubo Lake. Originally, because there was no night pearl in the Crystal Palace, there was a dark mass, and no five fingers were reached. After the beads fell, the entire underwater world was like a day. The tortoise screamed excitedly: Night Pearl! He quickly caught the Orb and asked the Dragon King for a reward.

Let s talk about two fairies, locust and flower snake. When Ma Lanhua throws her jewels into Fubotan, she feels annoyed and angry, showing her original shape. The flower snake entangled Grandpa and said that he would hang him, and the locust howled to suck up his blood. At this time, the white goose came back with the horse orchid, and the white goose calmly said, You let grandpa go, and ask for treasure, I have it on my body. After finishing the prototype, it turned out to be a beautiful red-crowned crane.

On top of the head of the red-crowned crane, there is a crystal-transparent ruby. The two fairies met and scrambled to grab it. The red-crowned crane and Ma Lanhua fought against the fairies. Finally, due to lack of physical strength, the red-crowned crane was restored to a white goose and fell on the beach. The horse orchid also fell to the ground, breathless. The old grandfather rushed to him, holding up the horse orchid and white goose, tears like springs. Before dying, Bai Ge said bleakly: Grandfather, after the death of me and Girl Malan, we buried us on the sandbar. If the water rises in the future, I will also float the continent and not flood it. Even if I want to repay my sister and the tomb for the tomb of Malan girl …

Grandpa Yun cried with his granddaughter and Bai Ge crying. He obeyed his gospel and buried his granddaughter and Bai Ge on the continent. Plant the green bamboo to express the affection of the goose with great affection; plant the malan grass to show the granddaughter s affection. People commemorated the girl Malan, so the sand bar was called Malan Zhou, and later turned into a Ma Zhou by rumor. Because of how much water the Li River has risen, it really can t flood Mazhou, so it is also called floating gorge. Later, the hole on the mountainside of Fubo was called Huanzhu Cave.

Zhuan River is adjacent to Du Xiufeng, landing in the west and Lijiang River in the east, there is a tendency to curb the current. It was named Fubo Mountain because of the construction of General Fubo Temple in Tang Dynasty. The main scenic spots of Fubo Mountain: Huanzhu Cave, Thousand Buddha Rocks, Coral Rocks, Trial Sword Stones, Jiyan Tea Room, Tingtao Pavilion, as well as Qianren Pot, Big Iron Bell, etc.

In the seventeenth year of Jianwu in the Eastern Han Dynasty (41 AD), Emperor Guangwu sent General Fubo to the conquest site. In order to win the war, Ma Yuan must solve the problem of transportation of food and grain. According to the Hanshu records, Ma Yuan has been to Lipu. Due to the success of Ma Yuan in conquering and handing over the site, people missed Ma Yuan and built new shrines everywhere, and also built shrine statues on Mount Fubo. It is said that Ma Fubo stood on Fubo Mountain, pulled his bow and fired an arrow, and passed an arrow through the three mountains. It is said that Ma Fubo tried his sword beside the sword stone, and one sword broke the boulder. In fact, historical records do not explicitly record Ma Fubo s visit to Fubo Mountain, but only legend.

Nuohuan also has many cultural relics in Zhudong, which is the essence of Fubo Mountain. The name of the Pearl Cave was later seen in historical books. In the four years of Xiantong (863 AD), because the cave faces the east of the river , there is no path leading to the cave, and only the boat is reachable. The name Dongyan appeared in the titles of Zhao Ge and Liu Xubai, and was used until the Song Dynasty. During the Song Dynasty, Fubo Dongyan was also used in the second year of the Northern Song Dynasty (1079 AD). The term Fubo Rock also appeared, and the name was Huanzhu Cave, which was a thing of the Southern Song Dynasty. The pearly hole in the Pearl Cave is like a fantasy palace, and many stories and legends have spread. One said that Laolong was playing with beads in the cave. Because of drowsiness, the dragon balls were taken away and then returned, so it was called returning pearl holes , also called playing pearl holes. Second, General Fubo Ma aided the South. At t he site, he returned triumphantly, because of his great achievements, and was vilified by others. He said that he returned from a car of jewelry after being bribed, and was introduced into the Fubo Lake. There was a jewel of pearl, so he named it Return Pearl Cave; San said, An old fisherman went to the Fubo Lake to cast a net, spread it into the dragon palace, obtained the dragon ball, and dedicated it to the county guard. The intelligent county guardian was a rare treasure, and he did not dare to use it and returned it to the dragon palace..

Donghuanzhudong is another Buddhist sacred place besides Qinglin Temple in Xishan. Buddhist monks in envelopes have sculpted many Buddha statues in the cave. In the Tang dynasty, Song Bokang sang the memorial (AD 852) and carved a statue. A weak statue of Linjiang in Linjiang is similar to the Indian Buddha in terms of facial shape, expression and wrinkles. In particular, there are many rough chiseled Buddha images that have not been formed in the Thousand Buddha Rocks, like weathered and eroded chisel marks. There are generally 239 Buddha statues that can be identified, plus more than 400 that have not yet been formed.

I also have a hanging boulder in the Pearl Cave, one inch above the ground. Some people say that it is the trace left by Ma Fubo s test sword, and some people say it is the trace left by Jiedi s test sword. According to legend, the rocks are connected, the number one champion, the rocks continue to grow, the number one champion is constantly produced, so it is also also called the number one champion. Because the shape of the test sword stone resembles an elephant s nose, it is also known as the elephant trunk stone. This rock can grow if it has the effect of dissolving carbonates with water. However, it has no water dissolving effect, can not decompose carbonate and generate new precipitation effect . It has lost the growth and development conditions and environment, so it cannot be connected to the ground, and it will always be like this, and it will be off the ground. Become an amazing stone.

There is a self-portrait of Mi Xu, one of the four major calligraphers of the Northern Song Dynasty, in Zhuanzhuzhu Cave. The self-portraits of Mi Fu are rare in the country, and they are engraved on the stone walls. The portrait is 1.2 meters high and 50 centimeters wide. He is dressed in an ancient coat, wide robes and large sleeves, and stretches his right fingers with two fingers. If there is any finger, he opens his right foot and walks in a relaxed, unpretentious manner. On the top of the statue, there is an engraved image of Emperor Song Gaozong: Xiangyang Miyu, named after Nengshu. Six Dynasties Han Mo, fishing and hunting. Bone and energy, Miao Zhuojing. The same is true for the wind and posture, and the overview is from the left. The postscript of his son Mi Youren is engraved: Xian Nan Gong opera made this figurine by itself, and the true trace is now attributed to the Royal Palace. During the Jiading reign of the Southern Song Dynasty (1208-1225 AD), Mi Xiu s great-gran dson Mi Xiu came to Lingui to become an official. Carrying his portrait, there is a Guangxi transshipment history Fang Xinru carved in the Huanzhu cave.

Zhuanhuan Zhudong s phantom is like a dragon palace, and the verse Rock Xuming and Jasper Ring is even more magical. In addition to its own peculiarity, there are still oblique sun, cloud qi, Jiangsheng, Qianfeng as the background, making it a fairy house with falling awnings and Shishu. During Song Chunxi s reign (AD 1184), when Zhan Yizhi was leaving Gui, he invited Tan Weiyin, Teng Zhen, Deng Yuan, Deng Shengqing, Ma Chengqi and others to tour the Diecai Mountain and came to the Guishui Pavilion in Fubo Mountain. Zhudong, fascinated by the surrounding scenery, remembers a poem that used to travel to Hueiji: Eyes are everywhere, new poems, soliciting continuation poems from fellow travelers. The country has been 800 years old, and no one has finished it yet. Tourists who come here may wish to try your poetic talents, and continue to complete the good sentence of the sentence is astonishing, but the text is not finished into a masterpiece that has been passed down through the ages.

In the corridor of Fubo Mountain, there is a thousand people pot with a diameter of more than one meter, a height of nearly one meter, and a weight of about 2,000 kilograms. The bell pavilion at the entrance of Zhudong also stores the large iron bell cast in the eighth year of Kangxi (1669 AD). It weighs 5048 kg. The two relics were originally relics from Dingyue Temple. In the Qing Dynasty, Kong Youde calmed down western Guangdong, but was named King Dingnan. A group of flattery clansmen built the Dingyue Temple in the eighth year of Shunzhi (1651 AD). Six years (1667 AD), his daughter Kong Sizhen and son-in-law Sun Yanling were rebuilt. During the rebuilding, a large bell and a thousand -person pot were cast. The original site of Dingyue Temple was under the Diecai Mountain. The temple was destroyed during the War of Resistance Against Japan, and the iron bell and the Qianren pot were moved to Fubo Mountain. The corridor was repaired in 1959 , the Qianren pot was protected in the cor ridor, and the bell pavilion was repaired in 1984. Protect it.

Fubo Mountain is located in the northeast of the urban area, at the junction of the north end of Binjiang Road and Fengbei Road, with lone peaks rising up, pillowing the land to the west, and facing the Li River to the east. There is a tendency to restrain the waves, because the Tang Dynasty built a horse ancestral hall for General Fubo in the Han Dynasty And got its name. Fubo Mountain Park is composed of multi-level mountain gardens, and includes attractions and cultural relics such as the Pearl Cave, Thousand Buddha Rocks, Coral Rocks, Sword Test Stones, Tingtao Pavilion, Banshan Pavilion, Qianren Hot Pot, and Great Iron Bell. Tourists can go up and down along the stone stare, and go directly to the top of the mountain via the rest floor and the half-tower tower. Fuboshan Park contains mountains, water, caves, and rocks. The pavilions, gardens and cultural relics within a range of less than 10,000 square meters have become the epitome of unique Guilin landscape.

When I entered the park, the first level of sight was Fubo Shengjing, the first-level terrace courtyard landscape. In the center of the three-symmetry, hard-ridged slope, yellow-glazed tile-covered archway building, there is a plaque for Mr. Chu Tunan s handwriting Fu Bo Late Fall , which is very poetic. The u -shaped Linjiang veranda on the second-level platform and the retaining wall on the north side of the platform naturally form a courtyard. Flowers and trees are planted in the courtyard, with twists and turns. The front pavilion of the gallery houses a thousand-person pot inside the pavilion, with a diameter of 1 meter, a height of about 1 meter, and a weight of about 1 ton. It is the same as the ancient bell on the left side of the entrance of Huanzhu Cave.. The ancient iron bell was 2.5 meters high, 1.7 meters in diameter, and weighed 2524 kilograms. It was cast in the eighth year of Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty (1669). It was made by the daughter of Kong Youde, King of Din gnan in the Qing Dynasty, to mourn his father. The Dingyue Temple was built in 1651 to promote the credit of Kong Youde, the rebel of the Ming Dynasty, in helping the Qing dynasty and Guangdong.

Lu Fubo Mountain is on the bank of the Li River. For locals, you can play as long as it doesn t rain throughout the year, but for tourists from other places, March to June is the best time. At this time, Guilin had just passed the rainy season, the Lijiang River had sufficient water, and the trees on the mountain were lush. In addition, it was not very hot and the wind was not very strong. It was the most comfortable season for visiting Fubo Mountain.

Come out of Lu Fubo Mountain, take bus No. 2 for one stop or walk along Binjiang Road towards Jiefang Bridge for 20 minutes, and you will see the Universal Hotel. This is a four-star hotel with a moderate price, but this hotel has delicious food. Another advantage of staying here is that it is the closest to the city center, and behind it is Zhengyang Pedestrian Street. The market is also behind it, next to the Guilin No. 9 Middle School next to the hotel.

There are many food shops near Mount Fu Fubo, and any one can satisfy tourists of all tastes. If you want to eat Guilin rice noodles, go out the side door of the park and face the road to Du Xiufeng. There is a small rice noodle shop in the past of Huarong Supermarket. There are two facades. The rice noodles here are more famous than others. They are not inferior, especially the beef dish powder in the morning, which is a must. If you want to eat high- end food, it is also good to be at Fubo Hotel opposite the main entrance of the park. If you want to eat more authentic Northeast ramen, you need to walk 100 meters forward and turn right into an alley. There is a nicely decorated noodle shop at another intersection, and the stuff here is also good. There are also local specialties such as Guilin Lingchuan dog meat, Yaoshan spring chicken, Yangshuo beer fish and so on.

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