Four 4A scenic spots in Jiangxi were delisted

The author learned from Jiangxi Provincial Department of culture and tourism that four 4A level scenic spots, including Tongluowan international tourism and culture city scenic spot, baohulu farm scenic spot, Sanliao scenic spot, Xingguo County, Ganzhou City, and lijiajing District, Xihu, Jinxian County, Nanchang City, have been delisted recently.

From August last year to October this year, Jiangxi Provincial Department of culture and tourism organized three review visits. The four scenic spots have not been rectified in place. The existing problems mainly include the implementation of safety responsibility is not solid, environmental sanitation is not qualified, tourism traffic is not up to standard, tourism service is not perfect, comprehensive management is not in place, etc.

The head of Jiangxi Provincial Department of culture and tourism said a review would be organized in February next year. Scenic spots that are still not rectified at the end of the period will be dealt with seriously. At present, Jiangxi Provincial Department of culture and tourism has listed the dynamic management of A-level scenic spots as the key work of this year, increased the review of high-level scenic spots, improved the dynamic management and exit mechanism of A-level scenic spots, and eliminated the non-conforming A-level scenic spots.

At present, Jiangxi Province is carrying out a three-year plan of high-quality tourism pioneer action in scenic spots, insisting on the equal emphasis of “renovation, creation and promotion”, and carrying out A-level scenic spot review every year. The annual review is no less than 20% of the total number of A-level scenic spots in the province, and the comprehensive review is carried out at least once every three years. A number of scenic spots with serious quality decline will be eliminated every year. By 2020, the total amount control and dynamic management of class a scenic spots in Jiangxi Province will be gradually realized.

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