Former Residence of Zhou Libo

The former residence of Zhou Libo is located in the Qingxi Formation of Dengshiqiao Village, Xielingang Town, Heshan District. It is backed by Qingshan and has beautiful scenery. It is more than 10 kilometers away from Yiyang City and less than 5 kilometers away from Yitao Highway. The transportation is convenient.

Zhou Libo is a famous writer with far-reaching influence in China who has gone out of the hot soil of Yiyang. Zhou Libo was born and married in this former residence. He lived here in the 1950s and 1960s and engaged in writing. His masterpieces Storm and Storm and The Great Changes in the Mountain and Countryside have influenced and educated a generation, and the Great Changes in the Mountain and Countryside was completed here. The former residence of Zhou Libo was built in the 53rd year of Qianlong (1788 AD). It is a civil structure with a total area of ​​about 700 square meters. It is a Qing-style residential house. In 1997, the People s Government of Yiyang City listed it as a city- level key cultural relics protection unit. In May 2002, the first phase of the restoration of the former residence was completed, and its cultural relics are being collected. The Zhou Libo Relics Exhibition Hall was established in the former residence.

Snack: 擂 tea is full of color and fragrance, the simmering paste is as white as milk, because of the addition of ginger, there is a slight scent, and peanuts are also selected, do not worry about eating a strange taste.

Shopping: Yiyang is located in the northern part of Hunan Province, downstream of Zishui, and borders Dongting Lake. It is China s famous hometown of water bamboo mats. As early as the Yuan Dynasty in China, farmers near Maozhu Lake had already used slender, tough and soft water bamboos to break them into silk reel mats. Farmers in this area will weave mats, and young girls with good hands are good at weaving mats.

Yiyangshui bamboo mats have to undergo thirteen processes from chopping bamboo, cutting, cutting, drawing, cooking to weaving and hemming, all of which are performed manually. After the reeling process, the mat is soft and not easy to break, no bamboo mealworms are formed, the edges are neat, the color is beautiful, the weave is tight, durable, and it can dissipate heat and sweat. Yiyang Panda brand water bamboo mat won the Silver Cup award in the National Arts and Crafts Hundred Flowers Award.

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