Former Residence of Bai Juyi [Luoyang, Henan]

The Baijuyi Former Residence Memorial Hall is located in the east of Shiziqiao Village, Anle Township, suburb of Luoyang. It covers an area of ​​80 acres. The entire layout is built according to the Tian -shaped Lifang Street in the east of the Tang Dynasty. Cultural amusement park, imitation Tang commercial street and other buildings. The northern half of Bai Juyi s former residence is a residential area, and the southern half is mainly gardens and lakes. The entire layout strives to reproduce the original appearance. The Bai Juyi Memorial Hall is a Tang-like building with a statue of a poet, and displays his life deeds, documents and related calligraphy and paintings, murals, etc. It is the main place for hanging poets. Lotte Garden is a garden built on Bai Juyi s famous works such as Pipa Xing . Bai Juyi Academic Center is a place for research and activities for domestic and foreign experts and scholars. The Tang Culture Amusement Park has established recreational facilities such as polo courts and rides in accordance with the customs of the Tang Dynasty. Imitation Tang Commercial Street provides tourists with various services in shopping.

So Bai Juyi s Former Residence is the opposite of Longmen Grottoes, only 12 kilometers away from Luoyang city center. There is no need to stay near Baiyuan. You can stay at Jiuzhou Hotel, Xiguan Hotel, Tianxiang Hotel, Huacheng Hotel. Jiuzhou Hotel is located near the railway station and was originally the executive office of Luoyang Municipal Government. You can take the 81 bus from the train station. The other three hotels have more popular accommodation

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