Foreign tourists increasingly do not like to travel to China

China is a country with a long history, and it is the rare country in the world with such a long history. As the country becomes more and more famous, it is reasonable to say that more and more foreigners will come here for tourism. But in fact, this is not the case. People who like to travel may find that fewer people come to attractions.

A few years ago, there were a lot of foreigners going to some famous attractions. You can see many foreigners shadows in various streets and alleys. Some famous ancient towns also have a lot of foreigners to visit, but now there are fewer and fewer foreign tourists. Chinese tourists are everywhere. Why is this? There are several reasons for this analysis.

First, there are too many people visiting famous attractions in China. In the scenic area, you can see people everywhere, and the streets are full of people. Many people think that traveling should be a process of enjoyment, but traveling in famous attractions in China is looking for abuse. Because of this, fewer and fewer foreigners are willing to travel to China.

Second, the fees charged by Chinese attractions are too high, and the cost of eating and lodging in the places where the attractions are located is very high. A foreigner basically does not need to spend much money to travel in his own country. Everyone s money is hard earned, but the consumption of Chinese attractions is higher than that of many developed countries. Therefore, such consumption is also impossible for foreigners Bear it.

Third, many vendors sell items that were originally cheap at sky-high prices in Chinese attractions. Many attractions are not famous for their own scenery, but because of their jammers. Foreigners visiting China originally wanted to enjoy life, but did not want to be treated like this. Gradually, foreigners felt that they had been deceived when they were traveling in China. Therefore, the reputation of Chinese attractions has worsened, and foreigners who originally wanted to come to China for tourism do not want to come.

The last one is that there are many good spots in Southeast Asian countries. What they have the most advantage is that their consumption is particularly cheap, and even people in their own country are willing to travel. At the same price, you can enjoy better treatment, live in a better house, and eat better food. Compared with Southeast Asian countries, China lacks competitiveness, which is equivalent to China pushing a large number of foreigners to Southeast Asia, thus hurting China s tourism industry.

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