Fly yourself

Humans have never stopped the desire to fly. The feathered wings were tied to the body, and they jumped from a height just to experience the excitement of flying in the air. This was an instant experience in which the ancients exchanged their lives for life. Nowadays, people have realized the dream of flying in the blue sky in the simplest way. This is the paragliding sport that is rapidly rising at home and abroad.

Paragliding, no need to be trapped in the case, no artificial power to tow, only a colorful umbrella, you can dance in the blue sky, and white clouds, feel the wonderful fun of human and heaven. Paragliding, originally a sudden imagination of some climbers, quickly became popular in the late 1980s. In just a few years after its introduction into China, there are now more than 50 paragliding clubs with thousands of members.

Paragliding is simple and easy to learn. With the guidance of a professional coach, you can learn it for more than ten hours. The key is to master the operating principles of take-off and landing and the change of wind direction and wind speed. Generally speaking, the wind speed is more suitable at 2-5 meters per second. Beginners may wish to practice laying and raising umbrellas on flat ground. When you can quickly and securely pull up the umbrella, you can take the primary umbrella and climb the hill for more than ten meters to test flight. Unfold the paraglider and pull it up against the wind to inflate the umbrella s air chamber. Take a few steps down the slope and your feet will voluntarily vacate. You will be free from the arms of the earth like a bird. Because the structure of the primary umbrella does not generate a lot of lift, it just glides along the hillside. Perhaps your initial flight lasted only ten seconds, but it is enough to inspire your courage to glide next time . Pr actice a few more times like this, and after you can control the umbrella skillfully, it s time for you to really fly the sky. Of course, you have to get a real paraglider.

Paragliding is still avant-garde leisure sports a few days ago, one is relatively expensive equipment, and the other is the club is not widely distributed. However, as the capacity of domestic production of paragliders increases, the price of paragliders is bound to fall quickly. Because paragliding is easy to learn and the geographical conditions for carrying out activities are not too high, I believe that this fascinating sport will be started and developed quickly everywhere. Nowadays, paragliding activities in Beijing, Yunnan, Henan, Jilin, Shaanxi and other places have attracted many lovers of blue sky. Some tourist resorts and travel agencies have also launched this project, such as Yunnan Adventure Entertainment Travel Agency, Hainan Sanya Luhuitou Aviation Club, etc., which have prepared paragliders for tourists.

In fact, in some tourist attractions in Zhejiang Province, such as Qiandao Lake, Fuyang, Tonglu, Lin an and other places, similar paragliding has long been carried out, but it is just carried on the water by high-speed speedboat. People who have played this kind of activity have an experience of gliding in the air. Once paragliding is established in our province, I believe many people will be fascinated by it. Of course, if you can t stop yearning for the blue sky, when traveling to these places, you may wish to be a light bird first. After all, these places are not far away.

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