Fenhe Erku Scenic Area [Taiyuan, Shanxi]

The Fenhe Erku Scenic Area is 30 kilometers away from Taiyuan City. It is a large-scale water conservancy project mainly for flood prevention and flood discharge, with comprehensive benefits such as power generation and tourism.

In order to increase the fun of outdoor eco-tourism, the Fenhe Erku Scenic Spot spent more than 100,000 yuan to repurchase 20 bamboo rafts, and a new bamboo raft drifting project was added, so that tourists can enjoy the fun of southern fishermen between mountains and rivers.

The newly added trapeze falls from a height of 30 meters and has the thrill and thrill of bungee jumping. It is currently the only high-altitude project in Shanxi. Speedboats, suspension bridges, caves, and clear springs have both the characteristics of northern architecture and the excitement of field adventures.

The tourism projects such as the rising mountain in Jiancao District, Taiyuan City, and the orchard picking developed by local farmers, and the Fenhe Second Reservoir have joined forces to form a new line of outdoor ecological tourism with northern characteristics around the provincial capital.

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